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Book sorts out craps game for new players

Gus Rose, Casinolook
Gus Rose is a gaming writer for the Daily Southtown and Star Newspapers

There’s no question craps is the most exciting casino table game, bar none. When a craps table is hot, it draws a boisterous crowd of players frantically making bets in an effort to take advantage of the action. The table keeps the staff jumping as chips fly all over the layout.

It’s OK for the players who are familiar with the game, but what about the newcomers to the casino scene? All they have to do is take one look at the frenzy surrounding the table and walk away muttering to themselves, “No way am I getting involved.”

But a veteran craps player here in our back yard may have a solution for those casino-goers who would like to join the fun but don’t know to begin.

A photo of charlie's book

In his book, “Craps and Smelling the Roses” Charles Westcott, of Blue Island, provides beginners with step-by-step lessons on how to get there feet wet.

“This book is dedicated to the thousands of wannabe craps players who need a guided tour through the world of craps,” Westcott acknowledges at the start.

He admits he was enamored with the game upon being introduced to it more than 30 years ago on his first visit to Las Vegas, and has been hooked ever since.

Westcott describes himself as an average crapshooter looking for a common-sense approach to playing craps, and said writing the book has helped make him a better player.

He begins by identifying the casino staffers who run the game and describes the layout and the opening sequence to begin playing.

What makes craps so difficult to newcomers is the number of bets available on the layout – the pass and don’t pass line, the come and don’t come, place bets, and dozens of other bets made during the course of the game.

He describes betting sequences, the odds, bets with the worst odds, one roll bets and playing the field. Westcott also includes a chapter on some of the strategies recommended by experts who write about craps.

He also offers his views on money management, comps, table position, dice setting, “right” and “wrong” betting and table intelligence.

In the book’s 120 pages, which includes a glossary of terms, Westcott offers a wealth of information for beginners, and even for more experienced players.

The book is published by Publish America, of Baltimore. The paperback sells for $16.95 and is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble bookstores.

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