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Dealer TIPPING … Las Vegas Style

Here is the following information from the Las Vegas magazine; WHAT’S ON under the heading of "TIPPING":

"Casino’s - It you get lucky playing the slot or video poker machine, table games or in the race and sports books, it’s considered good manners to tip the people who hand you the money. Feel free to give the cage cashier a little something for converting your chips into cash- the size of your tip depending entirely on how generous your feeling. For dealers at table games, the custom is a little different. Either tip them a few chips before you leave the table or place a bet for them when you are winning…" ( and it goes on to Keno, Race & Sports Book, waitress, and bartender.)

Now, the LVM (Las Vegas Magazine) has this information under TIPPING:

"Here is a tip; the more you win, the more you share. But some general guidelines.
Dealer: Tip the amount of your average bet, once or twice an hour."

Listen, I use to consider myself a “GEORGE,” under the guidelines of WHAT‘S ON, but not under the LVM. In fact, many times I find myself making less than the dealers at the end of the session.

I think as a rule many DI’s tip very well.
Many of us regress, progress our bets, and take bets down and/or off when we feel uncomfortable … in essence, we may work a dealer a little more than usual. But these LVM guidelines to me … just adds to the argument of giving away too much of our profits. I'm for sharing the wealth, but not at the expense of knocking myself out of the game or crippling my session bankroll

According to the guideline ... Imagine playing at a $25 average spread; we would be tipping $25 to $50 an hour, which is a little steep in terms of profitability-expectations on the Crap table. At least that's my opinion, and I think there is a big difference from gambling with multiple bets versus single bets.

I normally tip at the beginning and during my table play, rather than at the end.
I feel early tipping lets the dealer know … they have a stake in my success.
In addition, if the session has been very successful … I make an additional dealer hand -in.

Does the Las Vegas Magazine guidelines ..."Tip the amount of your average bet, once or twice an hour." change your thoughts?

-Tinhorn Gambler

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