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It's Not Rocket Science

If you're like me, when you first get interested in any particular topic, you read anything you can get your hands on, and burn up the internet search engines in an attempt to absorb anything and everything written about it. Although this can be very enlightening, sometimes it can lead to an overwhelming "information overload". The world of "Advantage Play Craps" is no exception.

Here and in books and other websites, you'll find refrences to things like; "SRR," "Signature Numbers," "HA vs PA," "Table Hardness Scales,", "Vig," "Foundation Frequencies" and a whole host of other terms specific to gaming, craps and "AP Craps." It can be confusing, especially if you aren't already well versed in the game of craps. With time, and patient persistence, it gets much easier to become fluent in the jargon.

But in the meantime, it needn't be overwhelming or confusing. If nothing else keep these simple things in mind:

1. Craps, as normally played, is the "fairest" game in the casino. In other words, the basic bets (Pass/Don't Pass with "odds") made are paid off at rates that are very, very close to exactly what they are worth. The "House Advantage" is very slight, usually less than 1%. This means that to gain an advantage over the game, you don't have a lot to overcome.

2. At it's simplest, the game is all about the 7. If nothing else, you can use your skill to throw 7's just a little less, or more often, (when desired) than random, you can tilt the "math of the game" into your favor. This is called creating a "Player Advantage" and in itself, really isn't all that hard to do.

3. "Dice Control" is a misnomer, and a misleading one at that. IrishSetter coined the term "Dice Influencing" as a more accurately descriptive name. I like to call the combination of a precison shot with smart betting; "Advantage Play Craps" or APC.

4. How you bet to exploit your skill is every bit as important as the skill itself. Bad betting will render great shooting null and void and it happens all the time. "Bad" bets aren't necessarily the "sucker" bets so often warned against. "Bad" bets are bets that are not matched to your skill.

5. A proven "Player Advantage" does not guarantee a win even when matched to bets. The advantage gained and held through practice is best understood in the "Big Picture." You will almost certainly face setbacks along the way.

6. You need to be "sufficiently capitalized" to win regularly. Even with an advantage, you will need to be prepared to outlast negative trends in your own shooting and "apply leverage" when you are shooting well. Craps players are all replete with stories of the time they turned a $20 bill into hundreds, or thousands of dollars in a hour. Yes, it does happen, but it wouldn't be a memorable story if it was the rule, not the (dramatic) exception.

7. Perhaps most important, you have to practice, and practice some more, because if you aren't willing to practice and learn from your practice sessions, you might as well just play the random game of craps and not call it anything else.

It's not Rocket Science, but you have to use your head. There's plenty here and elswere that will help you learn true advantage play at a game that is often considered "unbeatable." And then it gets really fun...


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