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Watching money fly .. BYE-BYE

When flying into McCarran International Airport - Las Vegas, you hardly notice the slot machines and video poker on your arrival, its rush to get your luggage and on to your hotel.

It’s the leaving, that usually attracts your attention to the Slots.

With the FAA requesting passengers to arrive two hours before departure, you usually end up with some time on your hands. So .. that’s when the thinking takes over … perhaps “one last shot” at a jackpot wouldn’t hurt …. I’ll try 10 or 20 dollars.

But .. who is behind those machines … does Michael Gaughan, casino owner … sound familiar. (new owner of the South Coast and gaming mogul from the Coast/Boyd Group) He held the concession for more than 20 years, winning the bid in 1985 and was automatically renewed 5 times due to the on-going airport expansions where the bid process was waved.

However, his contract is coming up for renewal in 2008, and the Clark County officials have hired a consulting firm to look at the bidding process … with the intent of again accepting bids for this operation

The kicker is …those 1,300 plus slot machines earned the airport … a lion’s share of 63 percent of the net revenues. The airport made almost $40 million in slot revenues this past fiscal year.

Next time you are at the airport and putting money in the slot machine or video poker … for a last chance of hitting a decent Jackpot … it‘s the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport who Thanks You.

Perhaps a airport mini- casino with a Crap table or a BJ table might make time go by faster, but in the meantime you can only watch your money fly .. bye-bye at the SLOTS.

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