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A, B, C's of Practice

Advantage play in craps can only be gained by hours of dedicated practice, learning the necessary skills to overcome the casino’s advantage.

Betting scenarios should be tried at home in practice before making bets in the real world of casino wagering.

Come-out plays a strategic part of your game within a game strategy.
Incorporate it into your practice sessions.

Dice setting will gain you an advantage over the seven. If you throw just one less seven in thirty six rolls than the expected six, you gain a slight advantage over the casinos.

Even money pass-line wager is the best bet when accompanied with an odds bet. Mock wagering on your practice layout well help you gain confidence on the bet when trying to throw a seven on the come-out.

Field bets are not recommended percentage plays, but can be used in iron cross play. The strategy should be worked out in practice before trying it.

Grips of various styles should be tried until you find one that suits you and is comfortable to your physical needs.

Hard-ways are a negative percentage play that is not recommended. You should use the hard-way set in practice to see how many primary numbers you are throwing.

Influencing the dice is our ultimate goal. The only way we will accomplish this is by establishing good practice habits.

Join the member’s message forum to get the answers to your needs on gaining the skills necessary to influence the dice.

Keep records to determine your progress and skill level and determine your signature number.

Learn the various bets on the table layout and work them into your practice sessions. Learn what you want to do before you try it in the casino.

Muscle memory should be a part of your crap arsenal, once you have developed your toss skill.

Numbers is what we want to throw. We don’t care what numbers, just so it’s not a seven. Remember as long as it is not a seven, we still control the dice. Keep track of the number of tosses between sevens.

On axis is what we want to throw every toss. Only regular practice will develop the skill necessary to keep the dice on axis.

Practice, practice, practice, practice and then practice some more, is the only way to have a chance at influencing the dice.

Quick setting will have to be practiced and mastered if you are going to stay out from under the watchful eyes of the casino personnel.

Real casino play should not be attempted until you have developed the necessary skills and confidence to enhance your chances of winning.

Shooting the dice properly from start to release point should become second nature to you. Check out the grip section. The toss is one of the most important parts in dice control.

Table to practice on is a must, weather it’s a practice rig you made or bought, or a pool table, or even the real thing. You should have the standard layout, chips and a supply of different colored dice.

Use new dice. Dice will wear and the edges will become dull and chipped. Only practice with casino approved dice to maintain close to casino conditions.

V-2 and V-3 sets should be used in practice and mastered before going live in the casino. These two sets have only two expected sevens and are favored by most DI’s.

Winning comes with self control. Losing comes with no self control. Self control means betting only money you can afford to lose. No self
control is when you over extend your wagering and bankroll.

X-6’s is another good set with only two expected sevens. Use it in practice and see if it fits into your game plan.

Your set, grip, release point and toss are the most import parts of the A, B, C’s of advantage play and dice influencing. Learn them well.

Zone is the place you want to be in. Hitting your target zone with your toss is one thing but when you put it all together and get into the zone at the craps table and make number after number, its second heaven.


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