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Can You Create a Customized Shooting Target on the Casino’s Layout…and Should You?

You know how you’ll often see a piece of lint at the far end of the table, and it’s perfectly positioned so you can use it as a visual reference point to target the dice at.

Well I’ve got a question for you.

What about if YOU placed a small piece of lint in that perfect spot yourself and then used it to create a perfect visual cue shooting target on that table?

Would it be illegal?

Would it be immoral?

In both cases, to my mind, the answer is no.

In and of itself, an innocent tiny piece of lint on the layout does not affect the outcome of the game nor does it change the odds of the dice, so according to all of the craps rules that I've seen, there is nothing illegal about an innocent piece of lint...even if it's been intentionally placed there.

I mean, does the guy at the other end of the table with a wicked case of snowball-sized dandruff affect the outcome of the dice with his torrent of white flakes? Does a tiny piece of fuzz from a sweater or the lint balls off of the felt change the randomness of the dice?

No, of course not, so intentionally adding a little piece of fuzz or lint of your own won’t affect the dice either...but YOU WILL if you've got a perfectly placed reference point to throw the dice to.

Hence my idea.

Let’s examine why you’d even want to consider this idea in the first place.

If you have a particular Landing Zone where the dice react the exact way you want them to on a given table (by first impacting at a distance whereby they bounce square to the backwall and remain on-axis during their rebound and rollout); then adding a tiny visual target makes it all that much easier.

In other words, many players find that a perfectly placed visual target (in this case, a small piece of lint) brings an increased level of shooting consistency, and it's in that roll-after-roll-after-roll consistency that greatly increased profits are gleaned.

Now, while you can’t always count on a randomly distributed piece of lint or dust being in that perfect sweet spot every time you play at that table; if you place it there yourself...you can count on it.

For now, I’ll leave it up to your imagination as to some of the best ways to put it there in the first place and the best colors to use against various background felt colors; but suffice it to say that I'll very shortly be posting my own experiments and experiences with this particular concept in my Blog (just click my At the Table with the Mad Professor blog-link on the left side of the DiceInstitute main page).

Until then,

Good Luck and Good Skill at the Tables…and in Life.

The Mad Professor
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