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Forget the Complimentarities (Comps)

Forget about all those “Comps”! The casinos have the crapshooter so worried about getting comped that he can’t see straight.

The pit critters make a big deal about marking their little cards right in front of you and then returning your players card with a “Good luck Charles” and then scurries over to the computer to make an entry and see what you have done in the past.

By all means use your player’s card. That alone will usually get you a good room rate, called the “casino rate.” Establishing a line of credit with the casino of your choice will usually help get you a couple “comp” nights. Beyond that, if you can’t afford to pay for your room and meals, you don’t belong in a casino.

Now if you are a high roller, the casino will roll out the red carpet for you. The high roller could probably buy a couple floors in the hotel, but he gets free rooms, food, and even airfare. Is it fair? The casinos think so! I realize they need their share of high rollers, but let’s give the low roller a break once in awhile. Throw him a bone once in awhile and he will frequent that casino all the time.

Everybody is so paranoid about receiving “comp points.” they throw caution to the wind. Their betting gets a little crazy. They bet more and more away from their normal pattern. This is what the casinos want. Don’t fall into this trap. You should plan on paying for your food and room. Work your strategy at the tables and don’t get caught up in the “Comp Craze”.
If you should get a “comp,” be thankful and count it as a profit. That said; let’s get back to the point! Forget the “comps” and play your style of craps. Don’t try to impress the pit bosses or anyone else. Just play your own method of craps and you will be at the tables for longer periods of play.

Who knows, maybe the floor manager will feel sorry for you and throw you a bone!


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