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Go west .. Young man.

Is Las Vegas a consideration?

Occasionally I get requests for information on what the job market in Vegas looks like and with thousands moving into Vegas every month …what does Las Vegas have to offer in the way of job opportunities?

Well… the Nevada State Department of Employment, Training & Rehabilitation has compiled some statistics on … What is HIGH on the Help Wanted list and the 10 FASTEST - Growing jobs in Nevada into the year 2014, based on educational levels

Here is what the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation reports:
Ranked by educational level required, here are the fastest-growing jobs in Nevada:
Bachelor's degree or higher
Occupation ............ 2006 average wage
1. Elementary-school teacher $37,471/year
2. General, operations manager $51.63/hour
3. Accountant, auditor $25.42/hour
4. Secondary-school teacher $42,921/year
5. Financial manager $42.05/hour

Associate degree, vocational diploma or long-term on-the-job training
Occupation ............ 2006 average wage
1. Gaming dealer $6.56*
2. Carpenter $20.12
3. Registered nurse $29.29
4. Customer-service representative $13.99
5. Restaurant cook $12.22

Short-term, on-the-job training
Occupation ............ 2006 average wage
1. Waiter/waitress $8.26
2. Cashier $9.27 2,869
3. Retail salesperson $12.07
4. Freight, stock, material mover $11.87
5. Janitor/cleaner $10.70
*Not including tips
SOURCE: Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation

Occupation ............ 2006 average wage Education required
1. Waiter/waitress $8.26 Short-term training
2. Cashier $9.27 Short-term training
3. Retail salesperson $12.07 Short-term training
4. Freight, stock, material mover $11.87 Short-term training
5. Janitor/cleaner $10.70 Short-term training
6. Gaming dealer $6.56* Moderate-term training
7. Maid, housekeeper $10.68 Short-term training
8. Carpenter $20.12 Moderate-term training
9. Fast-food server, prep cook $7.83 Short-term training
10. Office clerk $11.68 Short-term training
*Not including tips

As you may have noticed the list is heavy with service based type of jobs.
Las Vegas is considered a service-industry town, catering to tourist, conventioneers, and visitors, but as its needs grow … so does the expanded job market.
With a explosion of families moving to Las Vegas, teachers are very high in term of needs.
Also as the Las Vegas gaming grows, with many new hotel casino’s on the horizon, it’s not surprising that gaming dealers seem to be a necessity and high on the projected Nevada needs.

Although dealing in Las Vegas may seem like a gamblers-dream … it does comes with some hardships, (low pay - especially starting out) and substantial responsibilities.
I have a lot of respect for a lot of the dealers, because it is hard work in trying to serve two masters … the customer and the house. (casino)
Typical break-in dealers starting out in the smaller casino’s average between $35 - $45 daily while the strip casino‘s dealers average $250 - $350. So the dealer rates can vary depending on the Casino and Days off.

*NOTE: This information was not written to entice anyone to become a dealer or any other occupation … but rather to provide some data pertinent on What’s HOT in the Vegas job market.
Any occupation or career change should include extensive research.

Tinhorn Gambler

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