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Of Pressing Concern…

As we all know, all the dice tossing skill in the world isn’t worth a dime if you can’t bet to take advantage of it.

And even though the initial bets may only be a few dollars, those tales of mega-wins at the craps tables always include some pressing of bets.

But pressing your bets is a “double-edged sword” because whenever you press you leave money on the table that
could be in your rail when the 7 shows up.

A while back, on our
Member’s Forum, there was an ongoing debate about the relative merits of Pressing, Regressing and Flat betting strategies. I decided to do a little side-by-side comparison of several pressing strategies and flat bets.

I was trying to determine just when and how often to press during a hand. The results were a little bit surprising.

For Instance:

For the 6 and 8, starting at the $6 level, The following chart shows the NET effect of:

A. Flat Betting (Leaving the bet up, unchanged)
B. Press 1st Hit Only.
C. Press 2nd Hit Only.
D. Press 3rd Hit Only.
E. Full Press Every other Hit (Starting w/2nd).
F. Press 1 Unit Every Hit (Starting w/2nd).
G. Power Press 3rd Hit

retouch press

These results show net profit /loss if the 7 shows immediately after each hit-value shown.

There are several interesting observations to be made here. The first thing I noticed is how much a single unit press can change the profitability of a hand. Note the difference between column “A” (No Pressing) and “B” and how quickly their values diverge after the first hit.

Clearly, any hand that includes more than 1 hit of this placed number benefits hugely, especially considering the relatively small difference in risk ($6.00) at the first chance to press.

Note also, how some pressing plans take several hits to catch up to some of the other methods but then pass them in value late in this hand. (E, F)

I had always waited until the 2nd hit to press but after creating this grid, wonder if that was the best plan after all. Considering the significant difference of the mid-length and longer hands AND the barely appreciable difference of the 1 and 2 hit hands, I am thinking of switching to pressing the first hit, right out of the box (or post regression).

I hope this chart is helpful. Please feel free to comment.


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