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Part 4: My Money on the Line

In April of 2006 I was to make my first attempt at influencing the dice, with my money on the line.

Quick note here: I use the term "influencing" not "controlling" the dice. I think there is a difference in the two terms but many of the board members use these terms interchangeably.

I don’t think you have control of the dice once they leave your hand but you may have influenced them. You start a thread on this subject and get all sorts of answers.

I had only be posting a short time on the subject of DI’ing, but had made many new friends. Three of my new friends and I were to meeting in Shreveport LA.

The trip was a long drive and TSOMM did most of the driving. I have to keep physically moving around because of my lower back (it’s mostly metal – after the last operation). We made really good time on this trip – until we got within one mile of our hotel, traffic came to a stand still. It was while we were in this freeway parking lot, we started getting calls from Elephant Tracks (Tracks) and Billy The Hat (BTH). Hinduman was traveling with Tracks (I think I have those traveling arrangements correct – it’s been awhile.)

The new guys might wanna know why several established “Tossers” would wanna hook-up with this wanna-be. First off it’s in their nature. They are three great guys that really wanted to see me succeed. Also I have a tendency to post – Hmmmmm let’s say I post every now and then. Okay I confess I will post on just about any and everything. So I guess maybe they might have been a little curious – just who is this big mouth?

At this stage I hadn’t ever posted on or given anyone any advice on or about DI’ing. I am still a little timid in this area. There are so many others with so much more experience, who’d want the advice of a wanna-be. What I did post about was my results of my practice, and seek advice from the members.

I almost cancelled this trip as I had gone into a real bad tossing slump just prior to hitting the trail. The board members got my spirits up and so the trip went as schedule. (Hmmm I wonder if they were hoping I’d lose everything and stop posting so much!)

I am not sure if now is the time but everyone should have a secondary game – as a distraction. I used one of John Patricks DVD’s and learned a little about Roulette. He describes several different betting methods and I was trying one of them out when BTH comes over and introduces himself.

The next few paragraphs are copied from my original Trip Report (with a little editing from TSOMM).


My first attempt at craps was at about 4:30 and my first roll was ok 13 tosses before the devil showed up (this was to be my highlight for a long time). I left IOC to meet BTH at The Shoe. I didn’t spot BTH so I went at it alone again and finally left the table down about 200 for my first two sessions. BTH found me at the roulette table where I was actually up 100 using John Patrick’s system of “following the trends” (I was able to walk away with about 360 in three short sessions of roulette – 1st three times I ever played this game of chance). It didn’t take too long before BTH and I was able to find a spot at a table together. The action did not start out very well but BTH had one good run to get me back even for this session. This table was not too good for us, it seemed if we played to don’t we got chopped, if we played the do’s we got chopped. We actually missed most of one shooter’s good run. But this table was so unpredictable we (I) couldn’t figure it out at all. If I remember correctly BTH had two really nice runs and one other pretty good one. I had only one good set mixed in with a couple PSO’s. BTH had to leave and I hung around long enough to give back everything I had won on his tosses. Down about 50 for this session.

The next day Track’s and I played phone tag. And again it was BTH to the rescue. Tracks and I couldn’t call each other, but Tracks called BTH and he was able to call me and let me know where Tracks and Hinduman were headed. When he called I was up 260 at a roulette table (I don’t know if it was beginner luck or if JP’s roulette method really works). But, I head over to the Shoe, where I meet Tracks and Hinduman. TSOMM was hungry and the table was full so we introduced ourselves and headed off to grab a bite. When we returned the table was still full, so I watched them toss a little. Watching them showed me I have a long way to go. I think (note: thinking doesn’t always work) I saw Hinduman logging his tosses, I wish I’d have done that. (Next time we will have to set-up a schedule up so we will know where everyone is.) I never did get to toss with them because the table stayed full. I found a spot at a different table. And things started off slow and tapered off for there, until Tracks stopped by and suggested that I pay attention to my breathing and slow the pace down. At that point I was down about 200 for this session. An hour later when I called an end to the session I was actually up 10 bucks (mainly from my tosses)! We called it a night after I gave roulette my third and what was to be my final try; we were both on the tired side. We went up to the room and I got a little restless and told TSOMM I was gonna give the roulette one more shot, since it seemed to be working out pretty good. As I walked by the craps table my favorite position opened up. Now I was on my way to the roulette table so I only had three hundred in my pocket.

“My Run”

But what the heck, I tossed it on the table and I was the next shooter. PSO, I continued to “give money away.” I got the dice again and PSO. Now this was a crowded, late Friday night, noisy table. When I took the dice again I noticed that I, and one other guy were the only ones with a pass line bet and two guys on the other end had gone to the dark side on me. The main cheerleader at the table (a real Big Guy with an unlit cigar in his mouth) was sitting this one out and was not making any noise. I concentrated on my breathing and my landing zone - I made six as my point put 24 on the eight, and proceed to shoot the 8 and then the point. The Big Guy hollered, “I knew you could do it.” And out comes his black chips (what he was betting the entire time I was there). When I started this “run” I only had 127 left in chips. Now with my eyesight I can’t make out the dice at the other end of the table too good, so after I see the dice hit the LZ I don’t look, I listen to the stickman and wait for the dealer to give or take. Well it was time for him to give. I do not know how long I rolled or how many tosses, but the Big Guy with the black chip and I were having a good time the rest of the table finally got on board. I even hit 3 hardway numbers for the dealers during this “run”. Two things happened that I’m not too sure about, the boxman (lady in this case) actually checked the dice after the third hardway, for the dealers, and the stickman (to my immediate right) whispered “don’t pay her any attention”. Not sure what he meant. The other was the Big Guy said I need to get to Vegas and place “a fire” bet. I saw this bet in Vegas but never figured out what it was (I’ll do some more reading tonight and see what he meant). The guys at the other end of the table were very careful to keep chips out of the LZ. The Big Guy kept talking me into pressing, and I kept on tossing.

“The End or Big Guy to the Rescue”

I picked up the dice and started my toss when I noticed a new guy had pushed his way in at the other end of the table and had his money and “player card in my LZ. I stopped before releasing the dice. The Big Guy hollers “All Hell No – TAKE ME DOWN” I look at him and he just shakes his head. I look at my bets and I tell the dealer “take me down leave 12 on six and eight.” At this point I’m not sure why but the Big Guy seems to know what is going on. (He would later tell me, that by having my rhythm broken in this manner usually brings out “the Marshall”) Well the next toss was my last. I colored up and walked away on cloud nine. I had turned the 127 into 569 in “My Run.” I don’t know who the Big Guy was but he saved me a few bucks and I made him a “pretty penny.”


Lets talk about beginners luck; I had a bunch of it. Hey, I’d rather be lucky than good – at least at this stage of my development. Tracks’ advice was right on the mark, and as your toss develops you’ll understand the breathing aspects of it. After awhile the rhythm of proper breathing will become automatic – you will need to just be careful when you become excited about what is happening during a monster hand.

Please note there isn’t any talk about any sort of betting strategy. If you know anything – then you know that either I didn’t write about my betting strategy or I didn’t have one. Unfortunately the answer is the later. I was lucky.

My practice results during this timeframe indicated that I was influencing the dice a little. During this timeframe I only had access to my practice rig. But somewhere in here I picked up (purchased) one of Shootitall’s travel rigs. I never go on a ‘gaming” trip without it

I think during the timeframe of this trip I used a three finger and thumb grip. My toss will evolve into one finger and the thumb. I currently use this grip for all tosses.

Well this was my first attempt at DI’ing in a casino, with my money on the line. The “old hands” know how lucky this trip was and you new guys will learn either the hard way or the easy way.

Upcoming: In just a few more articles I will be up to the Great American Crapshoot. Not only was this event the best trip to Las Vegas I’ve ever had but also I was to meet one of the Administrators of this board – Charlie009. He will change the way I stay in Las Vegas. Why pay when it can be for free?

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