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Part 5 – Lake Charles, LA

Shortly after my S/B trip I had a family obligation in Lake Charles, LA. While Hurricane Rita really messed up LC, several casinos had re-opened for business.

I hadn’t learned my lessons yet. While, I was practicing, I wasn’t practicing smart. It doesn’t do any good just to toss the dice and record the results. There needs to be a purpose – a reason for the practice and practice must be taken seriously. I wasn’t at this stage yet. I would toss just to toss. Serious practice requires the proper frame of mind and dedication.

I was relying on my eye to hand coordination. Ya see – I am pretty lucky when it comes to eye to hand coordination. I tossed darts for years over in Europe and here in the U.S.A. I won the Base Championship a few times and the USAF would send me TDY all over Europe to represent my base. I usually faired pretty well in these tournaments as well – finishing second in the European Championship one year.

Tossing darts for me was natural – but my lower back problems required me to stand a little differently than the conventional player. Recently I changed to an unconventional stance from SR to accommodate my lower back, but I am getting ahead of myself.

Darts allowed for another pastime of mine, the 12-ounce curls. The old hands around the boards have heard (read) about me calling the 70’s “pretty much a blur” and it’s true. Today I don’t even average one alcoholic drink per trip to LV and the drinks are free there. There is no way I am putting my money on the line or anywhere else for that matter and be intoxicated. When and if we ever hook-up I volunteer to be the designated driver – no problem.

Back to our (my) story: I wasn’t practicing the correct way and this would really show up in LC.

I am going to cut and paste a small segment from my LC trip report. Where this part comes in at I am down around 400 on the craps table,,,,,,,


I was getting pretty desperate near the end. So when I got the dice, I had 5 as the point, I place 120 on the 6 and 120 on the eight. My next rolls went like this: 10, 6, 10, 10, 8, 8, 8. After this I told the dealer to make my 64 across (no odds on the 5). Well the uninvited guest decided to make in appearance at this time. But my stupid maneuver made me 496 (actually I think this put me up 20 for this particular session) but when it was all said and done I was down 168 for all of my craps sessions.

On roulette I lost another 100 bucks and another 200 in the slots. Not a productive trip. It gets worse. This was supposed to be primarily a fishing trip. The first day we were under a tornado watch – so no fishing. The second day I didn’t feel too good so my two older brothers when out and didn’t catch a thing (it is usually rough going after a weather front comes through). But “THANKS” to a suggestion by WildChild we did have some great fried craps and boiled crawfish. WC check your PMs - the recipe you wanted is waiting for you. For those who haven’t tried the crawfish they taste like lobster – just a lot of work for a little bite.


What do you see? I see an idiot – good money chasing lost money is never a good idea. I got lucky!

I was employing bad money management at it’s best. This was about to change.

If you don’t know how to bet correctly and how to manage your money you’re missing a vital cog in becoming a true DI’er. All the skill in the world won’t do you much good if your betting outside and you toss inside numbers. You must know your advantages and how to take advantage of your advantages - this is a whole new ballgame. This is playing in the major leagues. At this point in my journey I am still a sandlot player – just about ready for the minor leagues; the lower minor leagues.

Two weeks after this trip I had a trip to Las Vegas scheduled. On this Las Vegas trip I was to meet The Dice Coach – Beau. Beau would change the way I think about my money.

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