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Part 6 – A visit to the Dice Coach

I set up an appointment with The Dice Coach, for several reasons:

1. I need all the help I can get (I can’t wait – no patience – I want to be good now);
2. I got my ^*^ handed to me in Lake Charles – this is not as much fun as you might think;
3. The GAC was coming up – and like I told Beau “I don’t want to embarrass myself at the GAC.” – EGO!!

Oh yes, the ego can be a major factor. I’ve been posting all of my results on the board, and the numbers that I have been tossing say I am doing something to the dice. I had not met many from the board but I had chatted with a good number of the membership via posts, PMs, emails and the phone. So after all of this the last thing I need was a bad showing in July and have everyone thinking that this old dog was all bark and no bite. But again I am getting ahead of myself.

The next three paragraphs are from my Trip Report:


The Dice Coach doesn’t waste your time showing off what he can do with the dice instead it’s all about “you” in this case - me. These next couple of hours are focused on my toss, grip, settings, rhythm, and betting strategies (I may have left a few items out). I know we didn’t spend a lot of time on betting strategies, but that small amout of time more than paid for this session (on this trip alone). I actually had him repeat the betting strategies so that they would sink into my hard head. What amazes me is how easy I can forget things (the basics) especially when you are in the middle of a long role – and I was to have several long rolls in the next few days.

He also switched me from the SL1 position to the SR1 (as my primary position). I would really like to strongly suggest that all the rookies out there that haven’t had any one on one time with one of the coaches here on this board – save the money and make the time. The money - you will bet back.

We ended our training session with a practice session, bets were placed and I took the dice in hand and away I went. Now I’m sure that not all of his students get as lucky as I did but I tossed 33 times before the devil showed up to kill the fun. I was up over $400.00.


One big lesson I got from The Dice Coach was during the car ride back to my hotel. I mentioned that I had X amount of dollars – for gambling and if I lost X amount its no big deal – WRONG! The Dice Coach let me know real quickly that this was the wrong way of thinking. He said I should think of that money as a business start-up fund, and treat it as such, it’s hard-earned money and shouldn’t just be given away. All rookies please go back and re-read this paragraph – THINK ABOUT IT. It’s your money, the casinos want it, and do you want to “give” it to them?

Okay now I’ve got to qualify that a little – do as I ask not as I am about to do……. I was to drop about $500.00 at the Flamingo, their tables are too bouncy for my skill level. I was to get up over $600.00 at Caesars Palace but hung around and gave a good chuck of it back.

Now if you play golf you know the round after a lesson is just awful. You’re trying to put to work everything the instructor showed you. I had another problem – food poisoning! Yep got food poisoning and not to be out done TSOMM got it the next day.

Let’s just say I always knew where the “restrooms” where located on every stop for the rest of the trip. If you have the time go back and read my Trip Report titled “Vegas 14- 19 May 2006.” Here are a couple more paragraphs:


………… but it was time for me to met up with a friend of mine at the Mirage. I will call my friend Mac. Mac is a slot player and every now and then will wander over to a card table. Well after I got down about 350 on the slots and another 100 at three-card poker. I said to Mac come on let’s get our money back. As we had headed over to the 3-card poker table, I had notice a craps table with no action at all. When we lost my 100 and headed over to the table there was only one player at the table. The shooter 7’d out as I showed up and asked the stickman (I was at SR1) where is everyone (the other table was loaded – it was only about 10:30 AM)? “This table has been a little cold.” I told him it was about to change. I handed the dealer my buy in and the shooter at the other end of the table was dancing with the devil again. I took the dice and away we went. When I finished the players were two deep and many bystanders. Mac never did make a bet (He’s never played craps before.) I was able to recoup all of my losses and then some. One gentleman ended up over 10K (he later told me I “almost” got him back to even!). His normal bet was 600 per number (place bets and would buy the 4 and 10, and with 200 on the hardway 4’s and 10’s). Once when I had 4 as the point he said “come on shooter I need that hard 4” I told him it was coming right up. It took me two tosses, but I got it.

Points made:
4 twice
5 zero
6 once
8 twice
9 three times
10 twice

Rolls like this make the whole trip worthwhile. Telling my friend what I was going to do and then doing it, pretty good rush. And the dealers were well taken care of. Once the devil decided I was finished I colored up and departed (first time for everything!).

Lessons learned: Qualify the shooter (even myself); qualify the table; with RR bet small, if at all, be ready to follow a hot shooter; it’s better to play with the casinos money; stay away from bouncy tables; bet on the sister numbers of your point; stay away from the salad at the Flamingo’s café; take care of the dealer and they will take care of you; craps is a marathon not a sprint (although short bursts can be profitable) and I need to slow the pace down I get in to big of a hurry.


I was setting for and going after the point. I was very successful. If I knew then what I know now my bankroll would be considerably larger than it is today.

I’ll end this article the same away I ended the Trip Report:


TSOMM said she wanted to show me some pearls she had found (I didn’t know any were lost). She had decided that my daughter needed some, and she has a birthday coming up. I had no idea that three pearls could cost so much! Ok I gave in; after all it’s for “daddy’s girl” (funny how that term appears when it’s time to spend money). And the sales man said “and you get a free pearl!” Free! Did he say free? I said stop right there “I CAN’T AFFORD FREE!” TSOMM got that blond look going – “What do you mean you can’t afford free?” I said “Lets get out of here NOW!” “No I want a free pearl.” The salesman cracks open this oyster and sure enough there’s the “FREE” pearl. He cleans it up and says he has to drill a setting hole in it while it is still soft. “Setting hole! For what?” I ask. “Why, for the setting of course”. I’m gonna cut this story short and just add this “I CAN’T AFFORD FREE!” (FYI free = about $400.00)


Next up: I order a table!

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