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Part 1: The Journey Begins:

In my articles I will be looking back on my first year as a “DI’er Wanna Be.” Your journey should begin by joining this and Heavy’s board. There are a few books that are pretty much required reading.

The Mad Professor (MP for short), and Charlie009 have published book(s), on our favorite subject. Another author I read is John Patrick. With much anticipation, at least on my part – Heavy is about come out with a publication. While Patrick write about craps, his writing is not about DI’ing, but his money management theories are a must read, as are some of his hedge betting strategies.

The Journey Begins:

I call myself a “wanna be” because my journey has really just begun.

I wanna walk up to a table with a big Cheshire Cat’s grin on my face because I know something special is about to happen. Let me tell you right here and right now there is a special feeling when the dice are passed to you and you can’t wait to get your hands on those babies! I hope that feeling never wears off.

Wanna know what it’s like to have the “suits” watching your every move at a craps table? How about having the “don’t” players “sit-out” when you have control of the dice?

Who am I - why should you read further? I am just the average guy with decent eye to hand coordination, who is willing to put time and effort in just about anything I set my mind to and I’ve had some minor success. Less than a year ago I was just beginning my journey.

I “discovered” the world of Dice Influencing (DI’ing) on the 26th of February 2006.

There is a slight preamble and for that we gotta travel back to August 2005.

I was on a trip to Las Vegas with a good friend of mine. The wives were also along to “shop.” I was interested in Texas Hold’em, I’ve been playing it for years. My friend was and still is a craps player.

On this trip, everyday and several times a day he tried to get me to join him at the craps table. Hey, I just won first place in a $60 buy-in Hold’em tournament, what do I need to play craps for. I did not play craps on this trip but I did watch.

We went to LV again in November; this was to be a little different. I wasn’t having any luck at the poker tables, so “what’s this craps stuff all about?” I buy-in for 100 bucks - big “whale” here! My friend tells me to put 10 bucks “right there” – a come bet. Soon I’m told to give the dealer another 10 bucks – “What?” “It’s for odds,” I want odds?” “Yep.” A minute later the dealer pushes 45 bucks to me. The hook is now set and I’ve swallowed it to the gills.

I had given the dealer a total of 20 bucks and received a 25-dollar profit. This has got to be the best game in the world! RIGHT? Well yes it is, but not the way I was thinking. Now, we left LV down for the trip but up on my craps play. (Up – Down – this how “we” describe what is happening to our bankroll.) The hook is now down to my “gullet.”

I just gotta get back to LV and try me some more craps! I had to wait until February. This trip was about a 2K set back – all on craps. But I did notice the guys who seemed to be doing something with or to the dice. Hmmmm. (FYI: Hmmmm is me thinking - this usually requires at least two aspirins.)

I headed back home to heal my wounded pocket book, and I started searching the Internet and I stumble across Heavy's site, and later Diceinstitute message board. You can’t really see too much without being a member, so I joined both and it was like Dorothy when she landed in the Land of Oz. The light really came on.

I am not sure how to “tip-toe” into anything – not my style. I had a practice rig ordered before you could click your heels three times.

You might not believe this but I started a thread, introducing myself as Dave of SA. (Inside joke – as the board members know I’ll start a thread on just about anything.) I don’t know too many strangers (you figure it out).

Thus my journey began. Little did I know where it was to lead! I was to start receiving private messages (PM’s), emails and phone calls from board members offering me advice and comments on my “beginner” questions. Little did I know that I would soon be part of a group of guys (and gals) who truly wanted me to succeed.

Gotta a question? Just ask and it will be answered! Some of the board members have been DI’ing for years, and they are willing to share the experiences, both good and bad. They tried to help me avoid many pit falls – but lets just say that I am pretty hard headed and have had to learn a lot from my own mistakes.

Welcome to the world of a DI’er wanna be – this is my world.

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