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Watching the Table

When we Dice Influencers say we're going to the casino to gamble, we really don’t MEAN we want to gamble.

What we're looking for is something magical.  We want the stars and planets to miraculously align so that every bet we make is a winner.  Surprise.  It ain’t gonna happen.  But it’s really what we want.

Since we can't magically make risk vanish from the game we have to take a risk and gamble if we want to increase our bankrolls.  Here are a couple of ideas that may help you manage that risk and achieve better results as the dice travel around the table.

      After buying in and getting settled in at the table take a few minutes to watch the other shooters.  Much has been written on how to handle the random rollers.  Here's how I rank random rollers and play their hands.

  First is the pure random roller.  This is the guy or gal that just picks ‘em up and flings them.  These are the player that I automatically start betting against, usually with a DP and a DC.  That usually gets a little money.

    The next group consists of players whoset the dice the same way every time, but just throws the hell out of them.  These shooters bear a little closer observation.  Their hands can be money makers as you may pick up a pattern of repeating numbers - something that happens a lot.  On these shooters , I generally bet a Don't Pass and place the most frequently repeating number.  In placing the repeating number I am looking for two hits.  Then I take the bets down and wait for a decision.  Occasionally, when a shooter has more than one repeating number, I will place the second number.  But I never place more than two numbers here.

  The next group is my favorite for making a buck or two on the Don'ts.  They are random rollers who set the dice to whatever point they have established.  If the point is six they set the six on top.  If it's ten they set the ten on top.  They are almost always Don't Pass money makers for me.  When they have the dice I not only play the Don't Pass, I will lay odds against a five or nine and the four and ten.  Last week I was playing with a fellow who had set the point of six.  He would place the two/four on top and fling the dice.  Sure enough, he developed a repeating pattern - Horn numbers of all things.  He tossed so many ace-deuces that I finally bet it.  He never did make the six.

    The next group of shooters are what I call the “lucky” rollers.  These are the ones you can transition to from the don’t and make a buck or two.  You’ll see them pretty regularly.  Those that seem to be in tune with planets and stars and just can’t seem to do any wrong.  Ride those as best you can.  HOWEVER, when it’s their turn to shoot again, do not just jump on board until they prove themselves once again by doing your transition move.  If you are unsure how to transition, Heavy has a nice system called the “Heat Seeking Craps Strategy” that is about as good as there is for moving from the Don’ts to the Do.

    We often hear "the best bet on a random roller is no bet”.  That's probably true the majority of the time.  But while you’re at the table, if you will chart how the shooters handle the dice you may find it financially rewarding.


About the Author: ShootitAll is a long time "Dice Influencer."  He  often helps coach new students at the seminars that some of our writers run. But he is best known for his practice rigs - the only rigs the Dice Institute endorses. We don't sell anything here but  here is a link to his site: ShootItAll's Practice Rigs

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