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The "Five Count" Revisited

Is the “Five Count” a viable system to be used by the dice influencer? Can the “Five Count” be used in advantage play?

There is a segment of the dice community that still believes in the system. In short, they feel that if 50% of the shooters are expected to seven-out before the sixth roll of the dice, they are saving money by not betting till the sixth roll.

They also contend that the first and last number of the “Five Count” should be a box number. So that means if the first or last number is a 2, 3, 11, or 12, your actual count will really be six or seven or eight count.

When you reach their count of five, you are told to put a come bet out. The theory is that the seven is expected on the next roll. If the seven doesn’t show, the come bet goes to a box number and you put another come bet out. You stop “come” betting after three “come” bets.

Here’s where the system falls apart. After their count of five the expectancy of the seven increases while they continue to put chips in jeopardy. Some theory! They are trying to catch a hot roller after he has put six or more numbers on the board. That’s a sure waste of good numbers.

Here’s where the dice influencer comes in. He uses the “Reverse Count.” He’s got the dice and bets the pass line. After establishing a point, he places the six and eight and takes odds on his pass line bet. He throws four more times and pulls down all his bets except the pass line. What he has done is to remove his bets during jeopardy time after five rolls.

Regression betting is ideal for the “Reverse Five Count”. Spread betting will work also. Stay away from the come betting. If you have a SRR of 8.0, jump in right away. When that eighth roll comes up, run for cover.

What I don’t understand in this day and age of dice setting and influencing, is why the out dated “Five Count” system is still being taught! The “Captain” should be made to walk the plank.


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