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Do you think of yourself as an average Joe..

How do you measure up when it comes to Las Vegas?

Results of 2006 polls along with some Las Vegas 2006 stats:

*Las Vegas visitors budgeted on the average of $652 for gambling in 2006. This was an increase of more than $25, from the previous year.

*Average amount of hours spent gambling in 2006 was 3.3 hours, down from 3.6 hours in 2005.
*However, gambling was up 120 % from previous year as the primary purpose for the Las Vegas Visit..

*Average spending per trip on food and drink was nearly $261.an increased more than $12. from 2005.

*The amount spent shopping increased just $4 per person to about $141.

*An average of 5 casino/hotel properties were visited.

*Visitor make-up : 52 % male and 48 % female
*Average age: 48 years old

*Martial status:
79 % married
14 % single
5 % divorced or separated
2 % widowed

*Ethnic back-round:
White 85 %
Black or African American 4 %
Asian or Asian American 4 %
Hispanic/Latino 6 %
Other 1 %

*Foreign Visitors only make-up 13 % of the total visitors.

*Education back-round:
High School or equivalent 20 %
Some College 26 %
Graduated College 35 %
Master’s or PH. D 13 %
Technical, trade or vocational 6 %

*Transportation used to get to Las Vegas:
54 % used ground transportation
46 % by air

*Average stay :

4.6 days
3.6 nights

*Average Room Rate: $119.66 up from the previous year of $103.12

*Hotel Occupancy Rate: 89.7 % also increased from 87.2 %

*Convention Attendance: 6,307,961 up from 6,166,194 in 2005.

*Average number of visits made per year to Las Vegas: 1.7 visits

*96% of visitors indicated “very satisfied” with their trip, up from 94% in 2005.

Hopefully, your visit measured up to your expectations.

*Source of Data: Las Vegas Visitor Convention and Visitors authority.

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