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Book Review - Wake Up Crap Shooters - Reviewed by fgk42

Post by fgk42 on 10/28/2007 at 9:09pm

A Book Review by fgk42

"Wake Up Crap Shooters" – by Charles C Westcott

A Book Review

Wake Up Crap Shooters – by Charles C Westcott

I have to admit that I really didn’t know what to expect when I ordered this – my 6th book on craps. I ordered from Amazon.com and received it this past weekend. At 89 pages long it is a quick read.

Well I have to admit that Charlie did a wonderful job of being concise and to the point. As a newcomer to the world of DI I wish I had read Charlie’s book first rather than as #6. Why? Well the first 2 chapters (pages 1-4) give a brief (Readers Digest look out) history of the current DI “environment”.

As a new shooter I have read some things from each camp and it was nice to see a neutral party’s perspective.

Most of the chapters were review for me – but the concise and clear manner in which the material was presented was refreshing. For someone new to DI this book would be a GREAT primer.

Chapter 22 - Top Crap Shooters in the Country – Unlike Letterman Charlie includes his top 5 list – no joke. I’ve had the opportunity to take a class with Dice Coach (highly recommended btw) I’ve read the materials from MP and Heavy has been very helpful with DI related questions. I hope to get the opportunity to watch these DI shooters in the future. My only question to you Charlie is this: How much flack did you get by not including the GTC crowd in the top 5? Do you still feel that way?

Chapter 24 – DI Rules is something that I wish I could reduce, laminate and keep in my wallet for every time I step into the casinos. This chapter, along with Chapters 12-16 is well worth the price of the book.

What I would recommend is this: To the DI sites – have a newbie thread section and promote this book. While it doesn’t go into details like the MP shooting bible or give in depth betting strategies like Heavy’s materials for players new to the whole DI world it’s a GREAT transition book.

Just my .25 on the subject.


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