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How To Get THERE from HERE - Part Eleven

What hours of the day is your dice-influencing most effective?

A while back Irishsetter led a discussion where we talked about which hours of the day our dice-influencing skills are most effective.

At the time, I hadn’t actually done very much research on that particular subject as far as my own shooting-proficiency on an hour-by-hour basis was concerned; but based on intuition, I would have said
2 a.m. to 4 a.m. produced the strongest spikes of skill (the hours when I thought I produced the longest rolls), and 5 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. as being the most profitable casino hours for me because of the more frequent shooting opportunities per hour they afforded.

What I did when we first had that discussion, was to go back over my last three years of in-casino play to track revenue-per-hour as well as determine the time of day when I had my longest, second longest, and third longest hands per 24-hours.

~Not surprisingly, most of my long hands did occur in my prime-shooting 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. time slot (mostly in the 3 a.m. hour); but there were also an inordinate number of mega-rolls, near-mega's, and mini-mammoth hands that fell within the afternoon hours of 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

That is, after adjusting for the bias of playing more after-midnight hours than afternoon hours; when I calculated how many mini-mega hands I would throw per hour of play, the afternoon hours redeemed themselves quite admirably.

My most profitable net-revenue-per-hour times were again, not unexpectedly, in the early morning hours, but not by as much of a wide margin as I had thought they’d be.

I found that my late afternoon (3 p.m. to 5 p.m.) and mid-evening (8 p.m. to 11 p.m.) were actually significantly more profitable on a per-hand basis although the middle-of-the-night shooting obviously produced many, many more shooting opportunities per hour. That means I was making more net-profit per-hand in the afternoon and evening, but more net-revenue per-hour of play in the middle-of-the night.

I attribute that phenomenon to radar-avoidance.

Here's why:

During prime evening hours, it's much easier to bet large and not garner any pit-attention.

Doing the same thing in the middle of the night when the pit guys have nothing better to do than watch you rake in "their" money, it's actually a little harder to stay under their win-tolerance pain-threshold, so I tend to bet a little more conservatively.

Also, I do a lot more hittin 'n' runnin', shootin'-and-scootin' sessions during the day and evening (than I do during the middle of the night where I tend to play far fewer joints, but for longer periods of time); so I tend to bet bigger during each hit 'n' run session hand, but I don't stick around to wear out my welcome.

In light of all this, I committed at the time to go back and rethink some of my session-scheduling and bet-threshold strategies.

Here’s my update:

Since we first talked about which hours of the day our dice-influencing skills are most effective, I’ve had a chance to keep track of these things a little more closely, and although my three most recent month results are still generally in line with those initial findings; there have been a few notable changes.

I’ve stepped up my late afternoon (3 p.m. to 5 p.m.) and mid-evening (8 p.m. to 11 p.m.) bet-thresholds significantly because those two shifts (in my experience at the thirty or so bet-tolerant casinos that I frequent most often); offer the least pit-attention for large-dollar wagers than comparable middle-of-the-night and early-morning shooting does.

As a result, my net-profit per-hand in the afternoon and evening has risen dramatically. To compensate for the more crowded tables conditions normally associated with those periods, I’ve intentionally sought out and even requested higher minimum-bet tables. That has the effect of reducing my between-shooting-opportunity intervals that we talked about in yesterdays Not-So-Random-Thought blurb.

The major caveat that I have to add here, is that if you are planning on doing that seek-the-higher-minimum-or-ask-for-a-higher-minimum sort of thing on the Northern circuit (NY, MI, and Ont.) or East Coast swing (A/C and CT); a $25 table during those hours may not give you the low-population exclusivity that you hoped for, so you may have to have them raise the sperm-count to the $50-minimum level to accomplish your objective.

My middle-of-the-night shooting continues to produce many, many more shooting opportunities per hour especially if the casino has more than one or two tables open during the mid-point of the graveyard shift.

As a result of stepping up my bet-values during the afternoon and evening hours and seeking out casinos that have more than one table open during the middle-of-the-night; I’ve been able to pretty much equalize the net-revenue per-hour of play between those seemingly quite disparate playing-condition times as they've both risen in profit-making value.

Now, thanks to Irishsetter raising that
What hours of the day is your dice-influencing most effective? question; I’ve been able to take an entirely new angle-of-attack on what would have likely remained an overlooked profit-increasing opportunity.

Good Luck & Good Skill at the Tables…and in Life.


The Mad Professor
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