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Some Thoughts About Dice Shooting Schools and Teachers

The following are  excerpts from a post I wrote on our message board. It's not an article per se, just some related thoughts on a topic.  They were prompted in response to the sniping that has gone on between different "dice control" camps often started by the leadership but echoed by their followers.

What perplexes me is the knee-jerk antipathy between the "camps." Here in Las Vegas, I see it all the time. Shooters trained in one school or another will be at a table and see someone from another school shooting and they will stand there and criticize the shooter's technique. When the shooter loses, the mutter, "I told you so" and when they win it's "Just luck."

When you hear "dice gurus" knocking each other, it's mostly about simple jealousy. One group has the best marketing, the highest brand name recognition and best-known front man in the game.  This drives some lesser-knowns nucking futs. 

Unfortunately, some who need to buy (and sell) brand names are lazy and fail to recognize shortcomings in the products (instruction) they buy. Instead they rely on their customers' vanity and tell them they have been made privy to exclusive information.

Equally unfortunate, the leaderships' (of all the groups) envy over market share is interpreted by the rank and file as invalidation of technique.  They take this to the tables and create factions when there should be camaraderie or at least enlightened opportunism.

The truth is most people who sell anything gambling-related make more money at that than the gambling (or AP) itself.  So the tendency is to see others doing the same thing as "competition" and envy the other's success and in that envy put it down.

Time and time again, I have seen pairs of shooters at SL turn their backs to the table and talk, waiting for the dice to cycle around so they can shoot again. And if another P-Shooter gets on a hand, these guys are impatient (!) as they watch because "no way could someone shooting UH or from SO know what they are doing, that's not the right way to shoot." And it isn't just true of GTC, it seems like part of the curriculum everywhere is to indoctrinate against "the other guys."

Now this attitude is even spreading to blame "locals" for wrecking "their" (visiting players) game. While it is true that there may be some "locals" who overfeed at a given trough, or make general nuisances of themselves, most who live and play here have become quite adept at harvesting the eggs of that goose on a regular basis.

The fact is, among those who live and play in a major market many are about as well informed as anyone out there, guru or not. And because we want to continue doing so far into the future, have every reason to be extra careful not to 'shit where we eat.'

Ultimately, no matter who you go to for instruction you are only going to learn the basics or later be getting some pointers. The real learning comes in practice, home study and live play.  Nor does any school or group have a corner on the market when it comes to "truth" about craps or DI, no matter what their leadership might like to tell you.

Our part [on the member's forum], is not to provide a circle-jerk, mutual admiration society, but to be a collaborative and cooperative community of people in pursuit of a shared goal, winning money by making craps a skill-based game. Together we push the boundaries of accepted truths and conventional wisdoms and trust the process of question and debate to reveal new insights and make us all better players.

So far, you guys have been great at it, and for that I salute you.


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