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A Compelling Reason to Use Put-bets in Casinos that Allow Them

For the skilled dice-influencer, Put-bets can be a very valuable advantage-play tool.

What is a Put-bet?
Traditionally, a Put-bet was made on the Passline AFTER the shooter established his PL-Point.

For example, say you had no bets and the shooter rolled an 8, a number you would like to bet on. You could then "Put" a bet down on the Passline and then take the maximum odds. Or if you already have a Passline bet established, but you wanted to increase your Odds; you could add to the flat portion of your PL-wager, and then increase your Odds to correspond to the full allowable amount.

That’s the “traditional” way of using a Put-bet; however for the skilled shooter who plays with an advantage over the house; there are much better ways to use it.

For example, in casinos that offer high-Odds (10x, 20x, and 100x-Odds for example); it can be advantageous for you to Put-bet the individual box-numbers instead of Place-betting them.

A Put-bet can also be used like a Come-bet…but it’s made without going through the Come-bet’s come-out roll. Essentially, you get to pick which box-number becomes your Come-bet Point instead of letting the dice decide for you. That way, you can avoid all of those instant Come-bet losing 2’s, 3, and 12’s, and put your money directly on the box-number(s) where you think it will do the most good.

You can make multiple Put-bets on as many or as few box-numbers as you wish, and it requires the same table-minimum bet as it would on the Passline.

It also allows you to back the flat-portion of that bet with up to table-maximum Odds…and that’s precisely where the advantage-play dice-influencer can take even better advantage of their skillful shooting.

How Odds make the Difference
By taking the Odds, especially in a house that offers 5x or higher Odds; the combined house-edge is generally lower than a corresponding Place-bet or Buy-bet.

The following table shows the house-edge according to the Point and the multiple of Odds that you back it with:


  Odds that you back it with:




4 or 10


5 or 9



6 or 8











































The Twain Where PUT-bets Outperform PLACE-bets
The effectiveness of Put-bets only comes through if you intend to back them with Odds; and even then, a Place-bet will outperform a Put-bet if you wager too little Odds on it.

   -If your Put-Point number is a 4 or 10, the house-edge on the Put-bet with 6x-Odds is the same as a corresponding Buy-bet.

   -If your Put-Point number is a 5 or 9, the house-edge on the Put-bet with 4x-Odds is the same as a corresponding Place-bet.

   -If your Put-Point number is a 6 or 8, the house edge on the Put-bet with 5x-Odds is the same as a corresponding Place-bet.

So what does that means in practical terms?

Well, in order to get the true Odds benefit of using a Put-bet in the first place; you’ll want to back your Put-bet Point with at least:

if it’s a 4 or 10

if it’s a 5 or 9

if it’s a 6 or 8...

...for the house-edge to be
lower than a corresponding Place-bet or Buy-bet.

Real-World Examples
You are in a 10x-Odds casino that allows Put-bets, and you are playing on a $10 table with a sufficient bankroll.

   Comparing a PUT vs. BUY 4 or 10

   -Buying a Place-bet on the 4 or 10 for $105 will net you $200 when it wins. That’s a 190.47% return-on-investment.

   -Put-betting the 4 or 10 for $10 and backing it with 10x-Odds will net you $210 when it wins.    

    That’s a 190.90% return-on-investment.

In this case, a Put-bet gives you a

   Comparing a PUT vs. PLACE 5 or 9

   -Place-betting a 5 or 9 for $110 will net you $154 when it wins. That’s a 140.00% return-on-


   -Put-betting the 5 or 9 for $10 and backing it with 10x-Odds will net you $160 when it wins.    

     That’s a 145.45% return-on-investment.

3.9% Put-bet premium over normally expected returns from a Place-bet, tend to add

    up and compound their profit-contributing effect over multiple wins.

Comparing a PUT vs. PLACE 6 or 8

   -Place-betting a 6 or 8 for $108 will net you $126 when it wins. That’s a 116.66% return-on-


   -Put-betting the 6 or 8 for $10 and backing it with 10x-Odds will net you $130 when it wins.

    That’s a 118.18% return-on-investment.

    That’s a narrow, but still profitable 1.3% Put-bet advantage.

A Compelling Argument for the Use of Put-bets
When you look at those numbers on a per-win basis, many players don’t consider Put-bets worth the hassle; but when you look at the profit difference they can contribute to your bankroll over several sessions…their positive input is undeniable.

Even for a modestly skilled dice-influencer, those high-Odds Put-bet advantages, no matter how slim they might appear; can add up to a meaningful amount of extra dollars in your advantage-play rack.

Good Luck and Good Skill at the Tables…and in Life.

The Mad Professor

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