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Betting Strategies - Custom-Fit or Prêt-à-Porter

When I respond to a request for betting advice from a player, I try to tailor it to that individual's roll-stats (based on what is posted then and there, plus a compilation of what they have posted before...in addition what they have sent to me off-board).

Fir example,  where one person  providesd  a decent sample of data, my "custom-fit" suggestion of Come-betting w/Place-bets on the 6 & 8 was where his strongest potential is...and where his greatest profit will come from. So it shouldn't be taken as an off-the-rack, ready-to-wear, one-size-fits-all recommendation on my part...although, frankly the same advice wouldn't steer too many skilled shooters wrong IMNHO.

However, having said that, let's not let that take anything away from the validity of your question.

D-I Skill Defines Your Edge and Should Dictate its Use

DiceTool in and of itself does not give or recommend any specific strategy. Rather, it defines your advantage by providing information about how much of an edge you have over each bet while using various dice-sets. From there, you have to make a decision as to how best to distribute your betting-dollars.

Initial Steep Regression (ISR) on the other hand is a betting-strategy, and I continue to recommend its use in many situations to many players. However, in Nune's situation that is not the case. His play is best served by what we would call a classic Three-Point Molly w/ 6 & 8 Place-betting.

Do I recommend that for everyone? Hell no; but for Nune, it is definitely the one his current roll-stats indicate is best for him. As I said a moment ago though, most skilled shooters wouldn't go too far wrong using the same strategy.

Shooting-Skill Dichotomy Demands Betting-Strategy Dichotomy
While it is true there is a 'speed' differential (as measured by point-cycle rolls) between the seemingly arduous task of setting up travelled Come-bets w/full-Odds versus the speed and alacrity at which an Initial Steep Regression produces its first harvest; we again have to look at the individual's roll-stats to determine how best his current skills would serve him.

In some cases I still strongly recommend an ISR, while in others I sometimes suggest something somewhat different.

As I mentioned a moment ago, DiceTool does not promote the classic BJ strategy of relentlessly asserting your edge by leaving the Pass/Come bets up at max odds, even though mathematically, that strategy will succeed in the long run as long as the skilled shooter's bankroll can endure the volatility associated with it.

When you have various and sundry shooting skills produced by many different players; it calls for a varied arsenal of betting strategies. The classic Three-Point Molly w/limited Place-betting is one of them, as is the classic Initial Steep Regression.

Until then,

Good Luck and Good Skill at the Tables…and in Life.

The Mad Professor

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