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Evolving Skill Means Evolving Betting Opportunities

As your skill evolves your betting-methods have to evolve right along with them, or any shooting improvements will not increase things in the profit-department as much as they should.

The betting-methods that worked perfectly for you  three or six months ago may not even pertain to what you are throwing now.

For your profit to keep pace with your evolving skills, you have to let your past experience as well as your current skill-level guide you. That means you have to use what you know from what worked in the past, but not let ancient and currently-irrelevant history determine how you are betting now.

The recency of your toss-stats are what is important as long as your current set of tracked rolls is large enough to be testably significant. Than means that a hundred or so tosses mean almost nothing...but several hundred start to take on significant meaning and actionability.

As your Precision-Shooting evolves, you have to constantly monitor whether your current betting-methods are squeezing maximum profit out of your present skills, or if they are strangling and diluting your revenue and diminishing your earnings-consistency based on how you influenced the dice a couple of months ago.

The Long Road Out of

Your CURRENT, highest-recurring Signature Numbers should be the driving force behind your bets, and that includes giving them PRIORITY over all other bets except your PL-Odds money.

In simple terms:


So I’ll tell you again:

Your CURRENT Signature Numbers should be the DRIVING FORCE behind your bets, and that includes giving them PRIORITY over all other bets EXCEPT your PL-Odds money.

If skilled shooters took all the money that they normally bet on any Props, Hops and low-edge or neg-ex bets and instead piled it on their most dominant box-number; the results would astound them to the point where they might come to realize how powerful their current D-I skill is IF they bet on it properly.

If Your Shooting Starts “Giving”…

…You have to adjust your bets to do the best “TAKING”.

When changes occur, you first have to recognize them; then you have to adjust your betting-methods to more closely match your currently-flowing results.

As your skill improves, your betting-methods have to keep pace with them.

If you see one or two numbers continually repeating one after the other after the other; then that is where your troops (your money) may have to be re-deployed to…but it is important to note that we are only talking about box-numbers here (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10), and
NOT about any of the other (2, 3, 11, or 12) one-roll numbers.

In some sessions, a new dominant outcome may signal the emergence of a newer or higher-priority Signature Number. Now that doesn’t mean that you should start chasing numbers as soon as they show up; rather you will often see a shift from what
USED TO BE your most-dominant set of outcomes merge into what is NOW a somewhat different set of prevailing results.
You have to be a keen, but not over-anxious observer of what your current skill is offering up in terms of exploitable opportunities.

So for example, if the third near-consecutive outcome with the same result doesn't convince you to bet on it, then the fourth one definitely should. Five or six back-to-back-to-back same-number outcomes are what fledgling dice-influencers fantasize about and what accomplished precision-shooters strive for during each hand, but it always doesn’t happen. You simply have to learn when to pull the trigger, and to have a sufficient bankroll so that you have not run out of bullets when a prime target-of-opportunity shows its head.

What you are looking for is to bet on your current right-here/right-now skill-set. That doesn’t mean what number just rolled; instead it means that you have to look at your overall results and determine which numbers are occurring most frequently…and then wager on them with the majority of your 7-exposure betting-weight.

You have to continually monitor your progress to determine if the ranking and strength of each Signature Number is stable, or whether one of them is racing for and taking over the lead in its dominance. This is the time to make adjustments to your bets.

If these on-going adjustments look like a continual juggling act where you modify, revise, amend and fine-tune where your money is deployed, you are correct. You have to have the insight and awareness of your constantly changing skills to reflect the places where the preponderant weight of your money should be positioned.

If your shooting starts “Giving”; then you have to adjust your bets to do the “TAKING”.

A Short Review

By focusing on our Signature Numbers, we reduce our risk and increase our profit. In addition:

            -Early regression of our bets reduces bankroll depression.

            -Relaxed focus allows you to concentrate on continued success, not continued STRESS.

-Signature Numbers + Regression + Conservative Pressing = Consistent Profit

-Don’t let superstition limit your wins.

-Mental-limits are far more restrictive than physical-limits.

-Sufficient bankroll gives your skills a fair chance.

-As your skill evolves; your betting-methods have to evolve along with them.

-Your current Signature Numbers have to be the driving force behind your bets.

-Invest your money where it will have the most consistently profitable results.

-If your shooting starts “Giving”; then you have to adjust your bets to do the “TAKING”.


In Part Two, we’ll look at some specific betting methods that give a functional mix between maximal profit (betting on just one or two numbers) while still offering a reasonable amount of flexibility (by encompassing a greater choice of box-numbers covered). Yes, it’s my long-awaited “MP’s Bet-Weighting” article.

Until then,

Good Luck and Good Skill at the Tables…and in Life.

The Mad Professor
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