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Saturday Night at the Boat Series

The Saturday Night at the Boat Series is a collage of articles posted on the Dice Institute Forum from time to time. They tell of the experiences of four members of the Dice Institute known as the “Crew.” Their ups and downs and observations along the way may help others in their attempt to become dice influencers.

December 3, 2006
It's been two months since I have been to the boat. They missed me so much that they sent me a $25 Cash coupon. So the Kooler and I landed at the tables at 8:15 p.m. I started sniffing around for some of that table energy at the only two tables that the once Trump Boat(now Majestic Star II)now provides. Both tables were $10. One was fully packed and so quiet you could hear a chip drop.

The second table was half full and no energy, but there was an opening at SL2 and SR2. The Kooler jumped in and I moved in at SR2. The guy at SR1 had the dice and seven-out fast, and left. I move over and noticed three don't players. Not a good sign. One of the don't players(SL1) had the dice and had a pile of green chip on the don't. I made my RR bet of placing the eight for $12, thinking this guy won't throw big red for awhile. He only threw one eight and some junk numbers, before sevening-out.

The Kooler went point, seven and out. That was the only time he tosses the dice. He passed the dice the rest of the time we were at the table. He is skeptical of dice influencing, but he sure loads up when I have the dice.

One hour later, we were down $175 and decided to meet Target at the Resorts Boat(5 minutes away).

Resorts had four tables going and I still couldn't find any of that table energy some people are talking about. The Kooler took off for the poker room and I found my spot at a $10 table. I was trading chips on the RR's and losing more than winning when Target tapped me on the shoulder and said he would be at the $15 table across the way.

I decided to join him and ended up at SL1. Target(SR1) had the dice and was grooved in. I placed $30 on the six and eight just in time when Target hit a eight. He came right back with a six and another six. Five was the point and the next thing you know I had the iron cross up and working after placing the five for $25 and $15 on the Field. Target obliged by by tossing box cars and several other Field numbers. It was a fifteen to twenty toss run that was profitable even though we left a lot of chips on the table.

It was my turn now and I opened with a good old eleven for a quick $42 in the rack. Thats when JJR showed up with a pocket full of money from hitting a royal flush on the poker machines. I told him to jump in because I am beginning to smell some energy in the air. JJR bought in and made $175 on my roll. Then he had a nice roll himself. Next thing I know Target has the dice already. Seems the guys at the other end of the table passed the dice all the way around to Target. The three of us had mini rolls and colored up. It was past JJR's bedtime, so he left.

While I was cashing in, Target had spotted his spot open at a $10, twelve foot table(Resorts has two twelves and two fourteen foot tables). I went over there and Target had the dice. He was hot and I threw $100 on the table and asked for a $30 six and eight. Target came through with two six's and an eight. Then it was over. Target says, I'm $7 ahead, lets quit and get something to eat. I said after my throw. He said OK. When cashing out again, Target says, your beautiful, I'm now $177 ahead. I just smiled and said lets find the Kooler and eat. The female suit comp us for the meal.

Saturday night at the boat hasn't change much. We had good table crews all night and the pit crews were friendly. Again Target and I were the only ones tipping the dealers. The only thing that bothered me was the fact that Target was setting the Hardways all night. But then you've got remember that he was trained by GTC.

The camaraderie we had at the tables was better than any untouchable energy or was that energy we created?


Saturday Night at the Boat II ............December 10, 2006

Saturday night at the boat again. Well, I have got to pay for this site somehow. Laser wheeled us into the Resorts parking garage at 1930 hrs. I remarked to Laser, that we didn't have a full moon tonight and very few stars. There goes our astrology theory.

We spotted Target at the twelve foot table, we played on last week. There was three $10 and one $15 tables working. Target was at a $10
minimum table, SL1 and already down. I looked for the Gypsy occult person, but no luck. Laser moved in at SL2. Target had already talked to the tall fellow at SL1, if he would move over when I got there. He did and we all were in our best positions.

No excuses tonight. Well, maybe one. I had a terrible head cold and would have to throw clairvoyance and telepathy out the window I would have to rely on Muscle Memory. There was no energy in sight.

Looking over the table, there was ten of us. Us three, two "Don't Pass" players, one dice setter with a good throw and four randies. The two "Don't" players always passed the dice. The random rollers were making points. We were never behind in chip count from the word go. When the young fellow next to me got the dice, the box guy says in fifteen minutes the table is going up to $15 minimum.

Bad move on the suits part. We all loaded up on more numbers while the table was still at $10. The young fellow held the dice for the entire fifteen minutes, making points and numbers. I told the fellow he was a hard act to follow.

As soon as I got the dice, they made it a $15 dollar table. Another bad move on their part. It forced us to bet more and win more. We lost the "Don't" players and two or the randies. Now the dice will becoming around more often.

As soon as I got the dice, Target and Laser were all over the C&E"s.
I made a $6 C&E and $15 pass line bet and set for a eleven (six-six on top and five=five facing me). On the first roll I hit the eleven, pressed it up to twelve, threw a duce, pressed. threw a three, pressed, threw another three. pressed. On the sixth $6 press, $36 I threw another eleven(plus $252 on that last roll) On the seventh roll I tossed a hard six.

Game with in a game, the first phase was over. The second phase was just as good, making six the hardway for Laser and making a couple other points. The guy next to me was copying my bets and was about $300 up. His girl friend was bugging him go so I said it would be prudent to color up right now and take your girl out to eat. He took my advice and color up with a nice profit.

Besides, how did I know Target was going to have a earth shacking roll. Target got grooved in for nice run and energy was riding high. Anytime Target is at the table, there's going to be high five's and at-a-boys flying all over. For awhile everybody was having mini runs accept Laser. Laser was having one of those nights where he was throwing beautifully and getting nothing for his efforts. Yet, he won the most money of the three of us. He owes Target and me for all the hardway"s we threw.

The last time I had the dice, we had a controversial call by the box guy. I had just made a couple of points and was looking for a six. One die came off the wall and landed against Laser's odds bet. The stick says, "call it". The Box guy jumped right in and called it seven. Laser yells for the instant replay camera. I yell for a second opinion. Everybody ended up laughing over it, even the Box guy.

All in all it was a good night, except for my head. I used the standard 3V, with the five-one toward me and the point of the V toward me. Two times I used the V2 chasing the four or ten and seven ed out.

I am beginning to like the Resort's Boat more than the Majestic Star. Especially when they give you a thirty-six dollar comp for taking their money.


Saturday Night at the Boat III December 24, 2006

We had a hell of a time parking at Resorts parking garage. Cars were flying by everywhere. I swear Laser was stock car driver in another life. He landed the Cadillac so close to lake Michigan, you could hear the waves hitting shore.

Laser and I arrived at the tables at 5:50 PM and Target showed up two minute later. Our positions were open at a $10, 14 foot table, so we jump in. There was only one other player there, shooting from the "Don't" hook. As soon as we bought in, they started crawling out from under the rug and the table filled up.

I was just about to place a bet when The Clock (our new rookie) tapped me on the shoulder and ask if we had room for him. I said no problem and he sneeked in at SR2. We now had SR and SL 1 and 2 covered.

The Clock got the dice first and had a 16 toss roll to get us going
The only trouble was , he threw five nines and none of us but him were on it. Same thing happened when I got the dice. I tossed about fourteen times and never made a dollar.

The Target started throwing some numbers and we load up and went down in Flames. Laser had three tosses and out. This wasn't good. Laser took off for the video poker machines. Target says, lets try the $15 table that they just opened up. Surprise, it was a $25 table. I said to Target, our spots are open on the $15, 12 foot table that we did so good on last week.

At this point we were all down about $250. We all had 12 to 14 roll hands and were about even. I made four passes and then got knock out by a stack of chips at the other end.

When Target got the dice, the fun and energy started. We were not getting any help from the tooth fairy but when Target threw that come out eleven with all of us with $6 C&E's a roar went up. We pressed up another $6 and I said, you got one more in you. Target gave me that look and came right back with another eleven. High fives all over and everybody is yelling one more time. Target obliged by throwing a third eleven.

One more press and the next throw was a hard six. That was $42, $84 and $126 in the rack and our losses were wiped away.
Laser came back in time to make a $400 come back and break even. Target was up $400 and I was up $451. The Clock was the big winner at over $600 due to all those nines he threw. That's his signature number and the rest of us refuse to believe.

Laser still has the softest toss of all of us, but right now he is snake bit. We have just been waiting for him to break out big time.

We were all using the S-6 or a permutation of it, for the come-out. I used the V-3 or a permutation of it (9-3), all night. We colored up and collected our $50 comp and headed out for steak and eggs. We played three and a half hours before we jumped ship. It was just another crazy Saturday night at the Boat.


Saturday Night at tha Boat IV December 31, 2006

Five men overboard at the Saturday Boat gathering. Man the buckets. Break out the life boats. The Clock, Target, Laser, Golfer and myself jumped ship with our pockets just about empty.

That fourteen foot, $10 cruiser had the best of us and we bailed out and swam to shore to regroup. We decided to board the twelve foot, $15 table. We took up positions on both sides of the stick guy. Five of us in a row and at our favorite table. We loaded up on Laser, but Laser's slump continued.

The Clock was next, but he was firing blanks. It was my turn and tossed nothing but junk numbers. Target took over and made a point. We were so excited that we jumped in with both feet and loaded up. We recouped about 30% of our losses when Big Red show up and knocked us off out perch.

Our anchor man, Golfer took over and threw so many sevens on the come-out, I thought we wouldn't see a seven for days. Golfer's run was a good one but we were so busy trying to recoup our losses that we never got a count on his tosses.

We cut our losses by 60% and decided to hit the pit guy for a comp and go eat. Bad Mistake. While we were feeding our over weight bodies, Golfer went crazy and put a fat 1,000 coins in the tray. With that roll, Golfer saved our Saturday night reputation.

After we ate, Target, Laser and Golfer decided to go back to the tables. The Clock and I decided we had enough swimming up stream for the night and jumped ship.

The rest of the crew can fill in the blanks on this report, while I lick my wounds and try to recover from this three week cold.


Saturday Night Disaster at tha Boat January 13, 2007

Saturday the 13th, a day in, infamy at the Boat. The four of us arrived at the Resorts boat at 6PM. Target had our four spots saved at our favorite $15 table.

They were just opening it up and we got a couple costly quick turns with the dice. Nothing was going right and when the smoke cleared the first hour, we all down $500 or more. It was so bad we change positions to get the monkey off our backs.

Then Laser got the dice and threw three straight passes on the five and capped it by making the ten. The random roller next to him, got hot and rolled for twenty-five minutes.

We were now down only around $100 and decided to take a break. The break lasted about as long as it took to walk from the $15 table to the $25 table. You guessed it. We gave back what we just recovered. Finally I said lets go eat. On the casino, of course.

After eating we went back to the $25 table for more punishment. The Clock got his clock cleaned. The Target's wallet was full of hole. Laser was banging his head against a poker machine and I was looking for the exit to get off the barge.

Looking back over the four hours, rowing up stream, I think we broke every crap rule there is. None of us set a stop-loss figure. We played way to many chicken feeders. We had no business playing at a $25 table with the way we were shooting. We played way too long. We had a chance to quit when almost even, but we went on tilt and came back for more. Not once did we regress our bets, when we had the chance.

Things were so bad that Target started using the five count on the crew. I never found any set that would work, so I started to chase the point. No good.

The Clock and I agreed that we would not practice for a half hour or so before going to the boat. Ten or twelve tosses and were on our way from now on.

That's the way the Dice bounce. Just when you think you know what your doing, you get knocked off your perch. Like the man said, the good, the bad, and the ugly and boy was it ugly.


Wednesday Night at the Boat ??? Feb 1, 2007

The Kooler and I climb aboard Resorts Boat at 8 pm sharp. Target was already in position and was fighting off a bunch of guys to save my position at the table. The Kooler immediately headed for the poker room.

After settling in at the $15 table that contributed to last weeks disaster, I noticed that there was twelve hungry players packed in at that twelve foot table. There wasn't anybody at the $25 table and as far as we were concerned it could stay that way.

The table was so choppy, I thought the boat had drifted out to the middle of lake Michigan. Meanwhile the guy next to me was getting some heat from the Box gal for not making any bets and asked him to back off the table. He argued back that he had been there all day and had lost $600 and was waiting to shoot the dice.

The Box girl got up tight about it and said he hadn't made a bet in over an half a hour. He had four red chips in his hand and he kept arguing with the Box. Finally he stepped back just enough so nobody else could get in there.

The dice came around and this guy jumps back into his spot. The Box had the stick guy by pass him and set the dice in front of me.
Now I have to try and focus while this arguing is going on.

I made a four and a six, but that was the end of it. I was more interested in the outcome of the Box vs the lurker. One of the pit critters came over and said bet or get. I think they had it in for this guy, because a lot of us were skipping a lot of shooters and could of been called on it.

A little while later, a couple of tall dudes were throwing the dice off the table on just about every other toss. One of the tosses went over a guys head it was so high. Out of the clear blue sky, the Target says, "Hey! This isn't,t basketball! Theres no backboard over there". That got everybody laughing.

None of this helped our game any, so we resorted to witch craft, ESP, voodoo and metaphysical organic vibrations to stimulate our sixth sense. In other words, we were resorting to guessing when to play the Field.

Our system was simple. As soon as a five, six or eight showed twice, we would put $15 on the field. If it hit, we pulled $15 and left $15 up. If it hit again, we pulled it all down and waited for the 5,6 and 8 to hit twice again. Over all, did it work? Nope!

We decided to jump ship and paddle over to the Majestic. The place was packed. The Kooler headed for the Poker tables and made a nice withdrawal. The Target was tired of fighting the crowd and decided to swim home. I decided to kill time while waiting the Kooler by putting in a little play from SL-2 that just open.

The $10 table was now packed and out of nowhere crawled this small guy with a big white cowboy hat. Of course he had to squeeze in next to me. He removed his hat and dumped a bunch of crumpled up $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills. I mean they were crumpled up into small balls or wads and just dumped in the center of the table covering up a lot of bets. It took the Box gal twelve minutes to unfold and straighten out the mess. The total buy-in came to $314, all in small bills.

The five hours spent between the two boats hardly produced minimum wage. but it was better than last week.

It could only happen on a Saturday night at the Boat.


Saurday Morning at the Boat Feb 5, 2008

That's right! Saturday morning at the Resorts Boat on lake Michigan with the temperature 8 degrees. Target talked the crew into this adventure, so it's all his fault that we spent eight hours looking like yoyo's.

Laser and I climbed aboard at 10:30 AM and found Golfer already flinging the dice. He already had four points to his credit and looked good.

Laser jumped in at SL2 next to Golfer and I went over and stood behind the stick guy. The box guy saw me and asked the big giant that looked like Heavy, to move over.

By the time I bought in, Golfer seven-ed out and a random roller at the end of the table picked up the dice and held them a half hour. It was a great way to start the morning out. At the end of his roll I was up $250 and Laser was up more than that.

The next shooter went down in two roles and the next RR had a fifteen minute run. then the Heavy look-a-like held the dice for fifteen minutes.

One hour had gone by and I was just getting the dice. made one point and down. It was all down hill from there. If it wasn't for the RR's we would of never lasted the eight hours.

We took a forty-five minute lunch break and went back for more punishment. We spent most of the day sniping at the six and eights.

At one point, I thought I had it going with the game within the game play. I was setting the straight sixes and came out with a seven, replaced my $6 C&E and threw two elevens in a row and came back with a twelve, pressing $6 each time.

Laser was going nuts. He caught the twelve with a lone $5 bet on it. I made a six and then tanked on the four.

Tall Bob and Target were at another table, also playing the yoyo game. Nobody could get any sustained drives going. The dice gods must of been frozen out. Couldn't even get any psychotic inspirations.

AT one point,Target took Tall Bob home and came back for more of the same. We played on three different tables, all $10 minimum.

I was going crazy trying to figure out what everybody was doing. Lazor was bouncing back and forth, setting the V-3 and the hardway. I don't know what Golfer was setting and Target was on the hardway, V-2 and 3. I kept chasing the point. Nothing worked for very long.

When the smoke cleared and I got home, I found I had $57 more in my pocket than when I started. $7 an hour. That's not even minimum wage.


Saturday Night at the Boat IX Feb 18,2007

It could of been a lot worse. After taking a fifteen minute tour of the Resorts parking garage, we landed some where between the fourth and fifth floor. If I remember right, they only have four floors.

The place was packed. They had four tables going, two $10, fourteen footers of which were packed and two $15, twelve footers that were almost full.

Target was already settled in at SL-1 and had the dice. Laser910 jumped in at SL-2 and the Kooler headed for the poker room. I stood behind the stick which is a no,no but manages to get their attention. The box Suit saw me and I pointed my finger at the eight inch opening next to the stick. The box says,"alright guys move to the right and let the gentleman in.

The table was colder than skinning dipping in lake Michigan with the temperature zero. Five point sevens in a row. That cleared out my end of the table. I tried the dark side. Now it was seven, point seven. Nothing was working including the cashier windows. Target says its not working here, lets try the other $15 table. There were only seven of us at that table and two were playing the dark side and passing the dice.

The first two rounds was more of the same. It was so bad that I wanted to call Bush and have him declare the two tables a disaster area. Laser910 had that look on his face that said lets blow this popcorn stand. Target says after we shoot we're gone.

The guy next to me has the dice and is betting pass line, single odds and making only two come bets. He then proceeded to throw 9-9, 10-10, 4-4, 6-6. I was amazed at the back-to-back numbers he was throwing but couldn't bring myself to make a come bet.

When I got the dice, I was close to $600 down and so were the rest of the crew. The Dice Gods must of felt sorry for us because they let me go on a forty-five minute run, some forty tosses. Made a lot of numbers, but when I got four for the point, I couldn't make it. I refused to set for it because the V-3 was working and I wasn't going to change anything at this point. When the smoke cleared. we were all back to even.

We stayed and things got back to normal, point seven's for everybody. The last time I had the dice, I manage fifteen minute mini run. Earlier I couldn't make a four but on the last turn I rolled three fours in a row. Just another crazy Saturday night at the Boat. We have got to get away from these Saturday nights at the Boat. It's like dope.

Going home I was $41 lighter than going, but think of the emotional ups and downs for an evening's entertainment.


Saturday Night in the Twilight zone April 30, 2007

Just another Saturday night boat ride in the twilight zone. We got to the tables at Resorts around 8 PM. The $10 table we picked out had two other players and both of our positions were open.

We were amazed that the tables were sparsely attended. The dice were coming around quickly but so were the seven-outs. For the first 45 minutes the four of us took turns making a pass or two and then quick seven-outs.

Finally Laser910 took over and started banging out points and numbers. Laser was the only one that could handle that table. The rest of us at the table never made more than two points during a roll. Between myself and the now four other RR's, it was a disaster. If it wasn't for Laser's consistency, the ATM machine would of been the big winner.

As it was, the night was ruined by an obnoxious jerk playing straight out at my side of the table. He keep calling us jerks for not passing the dice. We did manage to get the seven foot creep to move his bets off to the side when Laser had the dice.

Meanwhile Tall Bob was reported to have had a 32 toss run at the $15 table across from us. He left with Target with a tidy profit.

Not to be out done, Laser topped that with his next roll that got us all well. Laser had at least five rolls that were between 15 and 20 tosses plus the big one of 34. There was no doubt that Laser had brought his" A" game.

Two and a half hours of frustration on my part of the game and playing the RR's, even Laser good rolling couldn't keep us out of the hole. I just couldn't adjust to the table conditions. Everything I tried failed.

The obnoxious jerk had gotten to me and usually I can put up with quite a lot. I told Laser, shoot and then let's scoot. A quick inventory showed us both down a little over a $100 for 2 1/2 hour boat ride.

Thanks to Laser's shooting we survived another Saturday night at the boat with a minimal loss.


Saturday Night at the Boat Revisited June 10, 2007

It had been six weeks since the crew has put in an appearance at the Boat and the rust showed. We climbed aboard the Resorts East Chicago Boat at 7:10 pm after circling the parking garage, looking for a place to land. We almost ran over the Target in the process.

The four tables were still there right where we left them. There were three $10 tables working and they were getting the fourth table ($15) ready to go. We hung around for ten minutes, noting that the cats at SR1 and SL1 at our favorite table, were just about to jump ship do to the lack of chips in their rack.

SR1 open up first and SR2 and 3 were already open. Lazer, Target and I moved in and set up office. Lazer ask the dealer how weather conditions were and was told the table was ice cold. I said that's good, we didn't miss out on any big runs.

We bought in and noted that a whale had the dice and was tossing them high and they were coming down and sticking in the new felt top. The dice were new and sharp. There didn't seem to be any pattern to what he was setting, although I noticed he had the fives on top when he switched to the DP. He had a pile of black chips in his rack that didn't last long. Twice he bought $2,000 in chips while he was at the table.

The dealer said that he had just made two passes so we jumped in. The whale obliged by making two more passes before the big red showed.

The Clock showed up and and joined us on the hook. SL1 and 2 opened up and Lazer and Target move over to their spots. Now there was ten at the table with two cats passing the dice. That left four of us and four randies. The first go around found each of us making a point or two and out.

We just had too much on the table when the seven came. The randies were no help at all. The whale was now staying on the dark side with huge DP bets.

The Clock was struggling but kept putting chips on the C&E and losing. Nobody hit an eleven all night. We quit the game with in the game. We were all down $100 to $200 when it happened.
Lazer had the dice and threw a come-out seven. He came right back and threw another seven. I asked the Stick-guy if they had the hopping sevens bet. He said no, why? I said my friend is in his seven mold. The Lazer threw his third seven and I said to the box, are you sure you don't have the hopping sevens bet? He smiled and shook his head no. Lazer tossed again and up jump seven number four. Now the whole table is getting excited except for the DP playing whale.

When Lazer tossed his fifth seven in a row, I had a tear in my eye thinking of all the money lost on not being able to play the hopping sevens bet. I asked the Stick how much would it have paid. He said he couldn't figure it out. Maybe some of you math guys can figure it out, playing a couple different ways.

Lazer went on to have the roll of the night. Target said it was 35 tosses. He brought us back and got us ahead but it was Saturday night and we were in no mood to go home.

Looking back at the evening (2 1/2 hours) it was the same old pattern, betting on the randies and betting too much on each other. We would just get loaded up on board and big red would knock us of our perch. Still it was only a $92 loss and a comp pizza.

Target said it was great to get the crew out of moth balls and get back into action. Lazer put it best when he said you can't beat the comradery and excitement of the game. The Clock, still recovering from all those C&E bets, said at our age it's almost better than sex.


Saturday Night at the Boat, Man Overboard June 17, 2007

Lazer and I arrived at the Resorts boat on Lake Michigan around 7:30 pm. There was plenty of parking spaces available but no sign of The Target. We thought it might not be so crowded this trip. Wrong! The place was packed and so were the crap tables.

We stood around the tables for twenty minutes waiting for our positions to open up. Nothing was happening. Where was Target when we needed him? He's always the first one there and manages to save us spots. He must of fell overboard or he would of been at the tables. We were not about to drag Lake Michigan for him.

Finally a spot at SL2 open up and Lazer jumped in. Ten minutes later, Lazer was about to get the dice when the hook by Lazer opened up and I moved in just in time for his roll. We were on a fourteen foot table and things were not going well at all. After we each threw the dice twice, we decided to quit and write the night off.

On the way to the cashiers cage we stopped at the twelve foot, $15 table to watch the action. Lazer was at one end and I was at the other end, observing the action when we both notice a shooter that had GTC training written all over him. He was at SL1 and had a beautiful toss and was setting the V3. Lazer and I jumped aboard his roll and collect a few chips. After the big red showed up, Lazor got to talking to him and low and behold he was none other than Clubsodakenny, a member of the Dice Institute.

We decide to hang it up for the night and comp out at Miller's Pizza and had a nice discussion with Clubsodakenny. I think we might have found a new member for the crew. We jumped ship about 9:45 pm and still no Target. I guess we will just have to put him on the DL until we can arrange to have the lake dragged.


Saturday Night at the Boat Explosion June 24, 2007

Saturday night at the Resort's Boat exploded with DI intensity. The Cooler and I climbed aboard at 7:10 pm after circling for a landing on the forth floor where we found a parking spot with a view of the lake.

The Cooler immediately headed for the poker room. I headed for the restroom much to my sorrow, because Clubsodakenny was at SR-1 and exploding the dice off the back wall making points and numbers. I should never have stooped to wash my hands because it must of cost me hundreds of dollars.

Clubsodakenny was hot and he had the dice smoking. I managed to get in on the tail end of his run and caught a few numbers before big red showed up.

The Target was at SL-2 and promised the guy at SL-1 a hooker or something because the guy flopped places with him. Target then exploded with a number run. He was approaching close to twenty rolls when one die hit some chips and put his fire out.

Target must of said something to the brothers at the end of the table because they all passed the dice. A young stud by the dealer corner proved that a RR can be explosive too. He had a decent run, but his two pals flamed out point seven. The young lady with them had a nice turn shooting from the hook and spraying the dice all over the place but throwing numbers. It was at this point that the dealers were bringing green into play and exchanging them for red. They were down to the last row of red and needed a chip fill fast. You could see the dust circles.

It was my turn and I said that was some tough acts to follow. Clubsodakenny said lets make some money. Target already had the pass line cleared out of the brothers bets. I exploded out of the gate with back to back six's. Target scolded me for taking so long to make the point. I made points of eight, five and was working on the nine when the chip fill came.

The dealer said don't stop, Charlie, we got plenty of red now. More numbers and I had the Iron Cross set up. Things were going along good till the right die got a mind of his own and crashed into the dealers stack. The seven put my flame out and it was Clubsodakenny's turn. I requested a come-out eleven and Clubsoda said okay and threw an eleven. It was that kind of night. Then Clubsoda and Target went point seven.

Target said let's jump ship and head for the bank. We agreed and Clubsoda and I went up to the forth floor and dragged the Cooler out of the poker room before he lost his XXXXL shirt.

In retrospect, I only shot the dice once and the other's shot only twice. We played an hour and a half. We were on our favorite $10 table and had our favorite crew and pit critters. It was a night the DI's exploded for a short hit and get and all showed $300 plus for a short nights work at the office.

Sorry I almost missed reporting the funniest event of the evening. I was kind of busy at the time and I was over at SR-2 and couldn't see past Clubsoda. I heard the guy yelling come on CW, throw that nine. Then there was that chip fill going on while napkin ear Target was keeping the mine field clear of pass line chips.

There was chips flying all over the place and when I threw a hard six or eight the table went nuts. My tunnel vision was working pretty good but maybe I should of borrowed Target's napkin.

The way the Randies were throwing the dice, the guys down at the end of the table needed flack jackets, hard hats and now ear plugs. Oh well, just another crazy Saturday night at the Boat.

Clubsodakenny, welcome to the crew.


Saturday Night at the Boat Show July 1, 2007

Saturday Night at the Boat was a show of different skills in shooting and setting. We arrived at 6:30 pm , a little earlier than usual, and found our positions open.

I will leave ClubSodaKenny tell you about the meat of the session. He did a fabulous job of counting our tosses and I kept track of the time with the dice. Lazer910 was busy entertaining a couple of friends from the golf course who managed to find us and were waiting for the magic to start. On Lazer's advice they bought in just as I got the dice.

Lazer has a habit of putting pressure on me. If he isn't piling chips on the hard six, he's yelling at me for taking so long to make a point. If that wasn't enough, he now has his friends loading up, just like it was show time.

On the way home Lazer said they made $450 on my roll and then put it all into a slot machine. Some people need a classic course on money management 101. Lazer asked then how much they were up and then told them to jump ship with the dough.

Getting back to the showcase of shooting styles, we had the dude who looked like he just got done milking the cows, shooting from straight out, setting the dice and stacking them before the toss which was aimed at the corner. I think his best was nine on the count meter.

In the dealer left corner was a parade of transit shooters who never lasted beyond their point seven. The dealer right corner was occupied with another point seven specialist. Shooting from SR-straight out was a tall seven foot dude who was a flinger but the life of the party. His wife was leaning up against a post behind me and he asked if she was bothering me. I said no, she's got my back. She was over six feet herself.

The tall dude kept saying the other end of the table better start helping out. He was trying to get them to pass the dice to us.

Clubsodakenny was setting the 3-V (SR2) and slipping into my position at SR1 to make his toss. It was great. When I would step back for Clubsoda's toss, the stick-guy would also move back. It's great what a little tipping will do. In spite of Clubsoda's GTC training, he is going to make his mark in the dice community.

Lazor Locked in on the 3V set and stuck with it. He came up short quite a few times and nobody said a word. They was no way this table crew was going to cut off their nose to spite their face. Lazer hit it big time on the hard six.

As far as my throw was concerned, my fingers felt good and I had my toss locked in the way I wanted in spite of the mine field the farmer had out there. I used the 009 set all evening. I think I will have it patiented.

The crew is trying to decide if they should go to the boat next Saturday night. After all it will be the seventh day of the week, the seventh day of the month, the seventh day of the year of 2007, buy in at 7 pm and at seven minutes after seven bet the sevens hopping and throw a seven.


Saturday Night at the Boat...7-7-07 = 0 July 8,2007

Lazer and I arrived at the Resorts Boat at 6:25 pm and found Tall Bob at SL1, Target at SL2 and Clubsodakenny at SR1 at our favorite table. All four tables were working. The two fourteen foot tables were $10 and the two twelve foot tables were $15 and $25. Our table was $15 minimum.

Lazer moved in at SL3, a bit out of his range. Clubsodakenny moved over to SR2 and let me in at SR1. A little later the Clock showed up and ended up playing straight out.

The first time around the table nobody had no more then six or seven tosses. Tall Bob threw a couple sevens and a eleven on the come out that help the kitty a little.

The second go around was a little better. The random rollers at the table all passed the dice to us for most of the time we were at the table. They were familiar faces from out of the past. We picked up the pace a little with Clubsoda giving us a couple of numbers and a point in seven or eight tosses. I got it going for seventeen tosses with a couple of passes and some numbers.

Tall Bob was next and ran up a sixteen toss hand including some come out sevens and a eleven. Target got us all loaded up with seven or eight tosses before his enemy the 'Big Red" knocked us out. Same thing happened to Lazer. A "randy" went point seven and the Clock passed the dice, along with three other "randy"s.

The next round deteriorated even more. I managed twelve tosses and got us all pretty loaded up when the seven knocked me off my perch. From that point on it was six tosses and out for everybody.

Target bailed out first, saying we just don't have it tonight. Clock never did get to throw the dice. Tall Bob followed Target to the exit. Lazor says "Get us a comp and lets go eat". Clubsoda said he wanted to throw one more time. When I came back from cashing out, Clubsoda still was throwing. I asked Lazor how long has he had the dice? Lazer said, "since you went to cash in." I threw $100 on the table for chips and Clubsoda sevens out.

That's the way the night was going. We ate and jumped ship and paddled home. After taking inventory and considering the cash coupons I cashed in, I discovered I was only down $120.

When I reflect back on the evening and see what could of been, what should of been and what would of been if we would have used some of knowledge available on this website. It was a good lesson to take to GAC coming up. When you have six shooters and friends at the same table, protect your money and make them all qualify. Forget their past performance and judge them by what you see now. They are only as good as their last throw and that was a seven-out.

When you have a trend in a session where each shooter is getting in six or seven tosses, we should of taken a hit and get on each shooter. Greed was our down fall, thinking that each shooter was going to roll forever.

GAC attendee's take notice. Go slow. Don't be so quick to jump on the play of the named players or your buddies. Make them earn the right to have you bet on them. That goes for yourself also. We all will have bad sessions. In this game it is two steps forward and one step back or is it one step forward and two steps back. Good luck!


Saturday Night at the Boat Let Down August 5, 2007

After five days in Vegas, Saturday night at the Resorts Boat seem to be a big letdown. Laser910 and I arrived at 6:30 pm and in ten minutes had our positions at SL and SR1 at our favorite $10 twelve foot table.

The dice were jumping all over the place. The table layout looked the same but conditions felt strange. I don't remember the table ever being this bouncy. Several of the RR's were playing the Don't and passing the dice. By the time I bought in, Laser had the dice and already had thrown a come-out seven. I decided to wait until he established a point. Bad move. He threw another seven. I waited again and he throws nine for his point.

I place the six and eight and Laser makes the point. I jump on the pass line and Laser gets ten for the point. I add the five and nine to my place bets and Laser sevens-out. Boy am I out of sync.

For my take on being in sync with the game, see my latest article, "So You Want to be a Dice Setter, Part 3
When your out of sync with the game at hand, every thing you try backfires. Laser had two decent rolls of twenty minutes and both times that I got to the point where I set up the Iron Cross, he seven ed-out.

Laser and I both threw a lot of sevens on the come out to the point where we ignored the C&E bet. One of the RR's went on a six binge and threw six six's in eight tosses. It came at a time when all I had out there was a placed Six. I didn't press, I just collected.

Laser got to shoot four times and I had three turns with the dice.

After Vegas, it was a big come down and I missed the option to move to another table or casino.

The table crew was only 50/50 as far as being efficient with pay outs and how they handled the stick. The box and suits were super polite.

The bottom line was on the plus side when you consider the $30 cash coupons. Laser was up $29 and thanks to the Randy and his six's and Laser's last hand, I was up $116. I sure miss TI.


Saturday Night at the Boat Traffic Jam August 26, 2007

There are three ways to go to our favorite Boat on Lake Michigan. They all take about 35 minutes travel time. One route was under water from the storms we been having. The second route was under road construction. We took the third route and run into the detoured traffic from route one. What a mess!

The route we took along Lake Calumet, the water was so high that Laser said we should of brought our fishing poles. I said, yeah and we could troll for carp, right out the car window.

We finally reached our destination an hour later at the Resorts Boat. We walked up to our favorite table and within seconds we were in our preferred positions at SR1 and SL1. It didn't appear very crowded. One of the dealers said they were being hurt by the new Four Winds casino in Michigan which is only forty minutes away.

While we were buying in, a Randy had just made his point and was about to come out. I put out a token pass line bet and when he threw a five I took single odds and was ready to sit out the rest of his roll. He came right back with a five and I had a payday already. I put out another PL and he got ten for the point after throwing a couple come out sevens. He made the ten and on his next point we threw the six and eight into the mix.

Timing and getting into the flow of the game early eases the strain on your bankroll. The Randy gave us a cushion to work with and at no time were we behind or trying to catch up. After Laser and I each threw the dice once, we were up over $250. Laser suggest we leave but decided to stay after fighting all that traffic to get here. The table wasn't crowded and the dice were coming around quickly with a couple guys passing the dice.

The first three times with the dice I threw three elevens on the first come out roll. I told Laser I was just tuning up for the Hilton tournament.

We played two hours and for the most part everybody throwing the dice made some points and held the cubes for at lest five minutes. It became a hit and take game. There were very few point seven and outs. I was pressing on the first hit and taking home on the next hit.

The one Randy I didn't play, ended up throwing five six's in a row. The next time he got the dice, I put $30 on the six. Two throws later he threw a six. I brought it all home and he seven out on the next toss. When you're in sync with game, life is good.

A couple of after thoughts. Once again we had a excellent table crew. Everybody was on a first name bases and the pit critter was friendly. They still do not allow "hoppin sevens". The table seemed less bouncy than my last visit but then I felt I had better control this trip. I used a variety of dice sets chasing the point. The standard V3 seem to have the best longevity.

How did we do? Laser made enough to fill up the gas tank and I made enough to buy into a $100 poker game.

On the way home we managed to avoid the high tide, flood area, road repairs and traffic jam and made it back to civilization in 35 minutes.


Saturday Night at the Boat Musical Chairs Sept 2, 2007

We climbed aboard the boat at 6:40 P.M. There were four tables working, $5, $10, $15 and $25. Naturally the $5 table was loaded. The $25 table empty. The other two tables were sparsely populated.

I spotted Golfer at the $10 table at SL1. SR1 was open so I jumped in, even though it was the fourteen footer I didn't like.

The Kooler headed for the poker room and Golfer and I took it on the chin for about an hour with no luck or skill. I even joined him on the dark side but the sevens on the come out and the point sevens right afterwords sunk us deeper.

We moved over to the $15 table which is my favorite (12 footer). Things were so bad at the first table even the crew suggested we move to another table. After the move I found myself at SL2 which added to my problems, being I am SR oriented. This table was so bad, they lowered the minimum from $15 to $10.

Golfer and I decided to take a pizza break. The Klock showed up and found us eating pizza. Golfer suggested we go back and give it another try. Reinforced by The klock, we found ourselves back at the first table. The Klock had a nice ten minute run which was the highlight of the evening.

The Target showed up after escaping from the Horseshoe. He ended up on the good table by himself.

In that last go around of musical chairs we were playing, an interesting thing happened. I had a $18 Six and eight and a $10 five on board. The Randy sevened out. I turned to say something to the Klock and when I turned back the next Randy was coming out. My bets were still up at our end of the table and the other end was void of all bets. The dealer had a funny look on her face, the box guy was watching the other end of the table and I was trying figure out what happened or if I missed something.

It didn't matter much because the Randy went point seven and out. The dealer was new and needed help on a couple of occasions.

A lesson learn from the evening! If you don't practice and insist on playing Randies on the wrong tables out of position and your out of sync, expect some losses. We did.


Saturday Night at the Boat Reserved Sept 16, 2007

Saturday Night at the Boat started out great when Laser and I found a parking spot so close to the entrance that I thought we were in the handicap parking area. Then when we got to the Crap area we saw that our favorite table and crew was roped off and had reserve signs all over it. I jokingly said to Laser, "Look they are expecting us."

At this point Clubsodakenny joined us and said the table was reserved for some high rollers. The table was marked $10 minimum and no one in sight. I went over and asked the suit what was going on and he replied that they were holding the table for some guest. I said, were here and he laughed and walked away.

The other two tables where loaded with Randies, so we went back over to the reserved table and found two players in action. One of them was big John who we had played with on previous Saturday nights. I said, maybe he will let us join them. Two weeks ago I had a big run that put a lot of chips in his rack. Clubsodakenny said that big John was a guest of the high roller who looked like he should of been on trial for something.

Ten minutes later they were gone. We asked the suit what is going on and are you going to open up the table to us low rollers. He said maybe in twenty minutes if none of these special guest don't come back. We also noticed that there were four or five other suits with walkie-talkies plus security guards hanging around. Very strange.

After this discussion with the suit we were joking around with the stick gal and told her to put the reserve signs on each side of the stick while we waited things out. She did with Clubsoda's help.

Finally we got on the table in our reserved positions and went to work. It was another one of those choppy nights were you had to take a hit and run for cover. I set a new record for myself by pulling down my bets four times.

Laser started out OK but things turned sour and I even caught him using the hardway set. Clubsoda gave us a eleven and some crap numbers on the come-out. Our come-out game was the only thing working for awhile.

I think the third time I got the dice, I got a break. I came out with my second eleven and followed with a twelve and a three. Then I made back to back six's for the point and Clubsoda got on my back for taking so long. My next point was four. I set the standard V-2 and went on a six, eight binge. So be it. I didn't care what number was coming up as long as it wasn't the dreaded red.

I noticed big John was back at the table and had three or four black chips on every number and twice as much on the four and ten. Everybody was yelling for the four and big John says, forget the four, keep throwing numbers. Finally I made the four and the table went nuts. We were all just about even now and then everything went down hill.

Laser headed for the slots and Clubsoda and I hung around for another point seven and out. It was time to pack it in and hit the suit for a pizza comp. The suit said, you had it going there for awhile. I thanked him for reserving the table for us and he just laughed.


Saturday Night at tha Boat Clinic October 7, 2007

The evening started out simple enough. Laser calls at 5:15 pm and says, "lets go test the water, I'll pick you up in a half hour". I said fine, that will give me time to warm up with a few practice throws. I set the 009 permutation of the V-3 and threw twenty times before I threw a seven. That was it. No more wasting any runs before we get to the boat.

We arrived at the boat at 6:45pm and found all four tables had only two or three players at each.They were all $10 tables. Laser and I settled in at our favorite table at SL-1 and SR-1. there were two random rollers at each end of the table. Two of them kept passing the dice. We had played with them before. We waited out one randy and I got the dice.

It was a good start that lasted for about ten minutes. In fact the next three turns with the dice, lasted ten minutes or more. In the mean time Laser was struggling. He caught that disease called "point seven and out". I felt sorry for him. We all have been there and know the feeling of helplessness. I was the only one at the table that seemed to be immune to it. I kept us above water until that final roll that lasted over a half hour.

Laser remarked that it was too bad they didn't have the Fire bet. He said I made five of the six box numbers during that roll. During one of the come out tosses, Laser put $5 on the twelve and on the next shot I threw the twelve. I thought Laser was going to kiss me, but he restrained himself. During the session I gave Laser two elevens, a twelve and a hard eight. Also four C&E craps and a bunch of sevens.

Does it pay to tip? During the come-outs I was betting a $6 C&E, and a $10 PL with $1 along side for the dealers. I threw a seven and the stick guy removed the C&E bet. When this happens I normally don't replace the C&E, set for the seven until I get a point. On the next throw after the seven I threw an eleven. I remarked to the stick, "I guess I blew that one". At this point the dealer said "throw down $6". Then the stick says, "pay $42".
I put another white chip on top of the one already out there. I got four for the point and put two more white chips for odds on the dealer bet. What really made it good was that I eventually made the four.

I don't know if anybody else caught it, but Laser did. Both the dealers and I showed our appreciation and everything was cool.

I thought Laser was going to get it going, the last time he had the dice, but as soon as we got loaded up on board, he went down in flames.

I was getting tired and hungry and suggested we color up and get something to eat. While coloring up, I pointed to my mouth to the friendly Suit for a comp. On receipt of the comp he asked what I bought in for. I said $400. He said, "well you sure put on a shooting clinic tonight". I know someone will want to know what the bottom line was. It was $300 plus. For the most part I chased the point and used the 009 set a lot. I wasn't happy with the way the dice were coming off the back wall, but," if it ain't broke, don't fix it".


Saturday Night at the Boat with the Wounded Oct 14, 2007

Saturday Night at the Boat with the walking wounded. We should of gone to the hospital instead of the boat. Prior to leaving for the boat, Laser's heart monitor zaps him in the shower. He says it was like being kicked in the chest by a mule and he saw blue. His wife suggested he stay home and Laser says, "Hey, this is Saturday night".

One hour later, Laser comes by my place and says lets go. You drive in case I deep six. By the time we got to the boat, Clubsodakenny was already there re-coning the tables. Our favorite table was just opening up at $10 minimum. We got our positions and the stick handed me the dice. It turned out to be a low count toss night. Eight or ten tosses and out. We just didn't seem to be in the right mental mood.

Friday night we practiced at Clubsodakenny's place and I thought we were ready to play. It was give and take for about an hour until Clubsodakenny got the dice and went on a 34 toss hand. He brought us back. Clubsoda was just coming off the disabled list with a bad case of stripe throat, but it didn't affect his game.

I wasn't in top form either, due to back problems but we gave it our best shot. Right after Clubsoda's big hand of 34, they change the table to $15 minimum. Clubsoda says let's go home and lick our wounds. I was worried about Laser and agreed.

Laser and Clubsoda were down a little bit and I was up $50. We were glad to escape at this point before we went down with the ship.


Saturday Night at the Boat Home Coming Nov 18,2007

After five days playing in the desert, it was good to get back on the water. When we found a parking spot close to the casino door, I told Laser that's a good sign it's going to be a good night.

Clubsodakenny is going to give a more detailed report. I just want to touch on the weird stuff that happened. Laser and I met clubsodakenny standing around the four loaded tables of players. The tables were really loaded, but Clubsoda and Laser squeezed into their regular spots. The SR side of our favorite table was packed, so I stood around watching the action for about twenty minutes. Finally I jumped in on at dealer left hook.

A couple of the brothers left, so I slid over to SL3 next to Laser. I no sooner put a bet down and the guy at SR1 seven-ed out and left. That's when the stick guy says, "Hey Charlie, you want your spot?" I said sure and moved again. The stick then says, "Do you want to shoot the dice?" I'm thinking , this is great, all of a sudden I got the dice. The box guy was about to say something when the stick says it was OK because they are all buddies.

Before I could even get my bet moved over to SR, the crew had $6 C&E's on board. I did likewise and the brothers jumped on the horn. It was a good opening salvo. I threw three 3's, a 2, two sevens and then got six for my point. Made the six and seven-out.

Clubsoda then went to work and the six and eights were flying all over the place. He even threw a eleven on the come out. Laser then took over and went on a hardway kick. The crew was in the building.....er, boat.

One of the brothers didn't want us to have all the fun and went on a forty-six minute run of his own. Laser was jumping all over the hardways while Clubsoda and I were pressing the six and eight while the iron was hot.

It was right in the middle of all this action that the brother had nine for a point and let loose with a throw that sent one die bouncing of a girls chest. The dealer called no-roll at that point but the die bounced off her and came back on the table. The box over ruled the call and said good roll, point nine made, pay the line. I said , "Lets watch those quick whistles."

The hot shooter had another close call when the same dealer called seven on a cocked dice up against some chips. The box guy jumped in again and said it was a six.

The shooter never once made a bet for the table crew, but we were betting on the line on every come-out the guy rolled. It paid off.

After he seven ed out, I told Clubsoda that there will be three or four quick seven-outs now, so go easy. Sure enough the next two shooters went point seven and so did I. Clubsoda threw a couple of numbers and he was out. Laser broke the ice and had a decent run. Him and those hardways, they just kept coming.

We were in the process of coloring up when I noticed everybody had left the table. I said I'm going to shoot. I had a bad taste in my mouth after that last seven out. All three of us had fair hands and quit on a positive note.

I gave the hungry sign to the Suit and while he took care of that, we colored out and headed for the Sport Bar. The Crew had left the building.


Saturday Night at the Boat Full Moon Nov 25, 2007

On the way to the boat I remarked that there was a full moon. I said I usually shoot good with a full moon, but watch out for the weirdos that come out.

Upon arrival we found Clubsodakenny at SL1 and Target at SR1. Laser slipped into SL2. I went over by Target and kiddingly ask him what he was doing in my position and that he belonged on the other side of the stick. Target says, no problem and asked the guy on his right to move to the hook. Target moves to SR2 and slips me into SR1. Most of the guys at the table were there last Saturday night, including "Big John" who had the dice and just made a point.

You don't want to mess around when "Big John" has the dice. He is a black chip player that does not set the dice and always shoots from the dealer hook. "Big John" releases the dice and one of the cubes takes a high bounce and almost lands in the cleavage of a low cut blouse at the other end end of the table. We complimented him on his accuracy. I asked Target what the odds were that he put one down that V access between those two side bumpers. "Big John" had a nice hand that got us loaded up on board when big red showed up.

Target was our lead off man but he couldn't get on base. I was next and had a fair fifteen minute hand that got three points and some numbers. Clubsoda had a 16-18 toss hand with a bunch of come-out sevens. Laser went on a six, eight binge for about fifteen minutes and was on the hardway kick. The first round wasn't too bad, three out of four of us having fifteen minute rolls and had some help from "Big John".

That first round was the best of the night, but after that we couldn't do anything. We gave it all back and then some. We were at our favorite table but they were breaking in a new dealer and it slowed things to a crawl. Target was out of position and his arrows were missing the target. We had a lot of other players passing the dice to us, but we all got into four rolls and out mode.

Target was the first to check out and we weren't far behind. We can't blame it on the full moon, or can we?


Saturday Night at the Boat Slaughterhouse Dec,23, 2007

Well, it had been three weeks since we had been to the Boat on Saturday night. We had good intentions of going West to Joliet but Clubsodakenny suggested that we go to Indiana where we know we can get our spots at the table on Saturday night.

Thirty-five minutes later we were touring the parking garage for a place to land. We finally found a parking spot with a view over lake Michigan. I suggested we call a cab to get to the casino.

The two of us finally reach the tables and found three working with six players at each table. The good table crew was split up and our favorite table had all new faces except one. We opt for our twelve footer and settled in at SL1 and 2. It was then that I noticed that the JERK from the last time we were here, had the dice. Two tosses and out he went. Next thing I know Clubsoda has the dice after a number of players passed the dice. I guess they didn't want the wrath of this guy's heckling while they were shooting.

Clubsoda made a couple points and I though we had something going. No such luck! I went down in flames too. The clown mumbled something about passing the dice. At this point SR1 opened up and I moved over to it fast. So did the guy on my left. I told the stick we had to get away from the jerk. The stick said hit him with dice, their new and sharp.

It was Christmas and I thought better of the idea. I did however use my intimidation toss. The jerk was playing from straight out and I held the dice shoulder high and point them straight at him and held the pose and looked him in the eye. If he would of said something, I might of flicked the dice right at his chest.

Mr. Jerk had his bet right in my landing zone so I started aiming right at his chips. Three times in a row I hit his chips and even made a point. The next time I hit his chips I seven out. I remarked that his chips caused the seven.

I will say this! He was the only one at the table to make three points. When he got the dice, everybody bet the don't pass at my end Of the table. Wouldn't you know it. He goes on a three point binge, and says are you guys down there a believer yet? The dealer at our end kept saying, pass the dice, when he made his points. The dealers were even fed up with him.

It was a typical Saturday night st the boat with something weird happening. Where was the Laser910 when we needed him? We lost our shirts and it was a long cold walk to the car.


Saturday Morning at the Ice Boat Jan 4, 2008

Laser910 calls and says, pick you up at 9 a.m. and we will go and check out the Fire Bet at the Majestic Star in Gary, In. We hadn't been there in awhile and were about to check out changes there anyhow.

We parked with a nice view of both boats frozen solid in ice.I told Laser he wouldn't have to worry about the boat rocking today. We went straight to Majestic Star II and found both tables closed. We crossed over to Majestic Star I and found one of the two tables open fully loaded with players.

We saw one of the brothers with three chip racks full of $100 chips ($30,000) playing from straight-out. He was betting $4,000 on the pass line, no odds. I said we got to watch this!

The point was nine and he put out a $4,000 come bet. It goes up on the six. He doesn't take any odds. Laser says this guy is crazy or just plain stupid. He loses both bets and then puts $4,000 on the PL again and gets a point of four and makes another come bet of $4,000. It goes up on the six again. Again he take no odds. The shooter makes the four and "brain dead " wins even money on the PL bet.

I told Laser that I can't watch this any longer. Let's see if they opened a table on the other boat. The crew was in place but they hadn't removed the plastic cover yet. We took up residence on both sides of the stick and Laser ask the crew how this fire bet works. One of the dealers went into great detail on explaining how it works. I had all I could do to keep from laughing because Laser probably knew more about the fire bet than the crew.

Before this charade went any further I said I have just one question. Can I have a chair? They laughed and there was a scramble to get the chair.

When we arrived there, we saw one of the suits sitting at the other table testing at least four sticks of dice for balance. When we finally got to play I noticed right away how sharp the dice were. My tosses were digging in but one die was going to the side a lot. If I would of got one more turn with dice I would have switched to the pincher grip.

The table was not bouncy to me and laser wasn't having any bounce problems either. Both tables at MS II seemed to have new felt layouts. For fourteen foot tables, I liked them.

We played for two and a half hours and everybody was making two or three points. Laser and I both threw C&E elevens after a craps number and a press. It was a good table of friendly players who were mostly senior citizens. We were all set in our ways with Laser chasing the hard six and eight and me playing every shooter. The bottom line was we won more than enough to make up our losses last week at Joliet.

Oh yeah, a player from the other boat told Laser that "brain dead" was down to his last chip rack.

While I was cashing out, Laser come's over and says the Suit wants to buy us dinner.

East to the Lake is the only way to go.


Saturday Night at the Boat the Hardway Jan 20, 2008

"Saturday night at the Boat" could of been titled the "Night of the Hardways" or the Night of the "Happy Drunk" or the "Night of the Stupid Dice Pass" or the "Return of the Load Mouth" or just another "Saturday Night at the Boat with Laser".

We arrived at the dock and found the parking garage packed. So much for thinking the sub-zero weather would keep everybody home in front of the fireplace. It's been three weeks since we have been here on Saturday night and it was time to get back in the groove.

They had four tables working, three $10 and one $15. Of course our favorite table was the $15 table. We opted for the $10, 12 foot table that had openings at SR-2 and SL-2. My first mistake of the evening was not recognizing Mr. "Loud Mouth" at SR-1. He was jumping away from the table every time someone seven-ed out and cussing at nobody in general. when I seven-ed out, he picked his chips and left. There is a dice God after all.

With him gone I moved over to his spot at SR-1. Laser then opened up with a 3, 12, 11, 7. Good start for our come out play on the C&E and pressing. We got loaded up just in time for the seven to bring us back to reality.

There was an unusual amount of hardways being thrown all night. Once I threw a hard six and laser wasn't on it. He says, do it again and he put ten on it. Dammed if I didn't throw another hard six. Now he felt better after missing the first one.

A happy go lucky drunk got the dice and was betting $5 on the 11 and 12. He hit the 12 and came right back with the 11. He was screaming at the top of his lungs every time it hit. Everybody was laughing at him and I was wondering if this was some of that table energy everybody is talking about. The guy was so slap happy drunk that the suits and security escorted him out of there and must of thrown him overboard.

We finally got a "Randy" that got on a roll. He was throwing six and eights like crazy. His problem was he had only a PL bet and a place bet on the five and nine. I didn't care what he threw because I had the "iron cross" set up and was collecting on everything. Then all of a sudden in this monster roll, he passes the dice and says to Laser, "I'm tired of throwing these Fu#@% six and eights for you as#@% holes" and walked away From the hand. Two throws later the guy he passed the dice to, seven-ed out.

I said to Laser, "Can't you control your end of the boat". He said , "I guess not, but you got your own problems. Look who's back". Mr. Load Mouth was back and on my right. He must of just come from the ATM machine. He bought in for $400 and said, "Come on, lets get going, I got to win back my money.

I had just got the dice and made two points when "jerko" say's, come on and make some numbers I got." He had all the hardways covered. I had been struggling all night trying to come up with a working set. I did something I never do. I set the hardway set and let them fly. I was a good looking on axis toss and came up seven.

Jerko was so upset he walked away from the table and started pacing back and forth mumbling something about my relationship with my mother. When Laser and I colored up, I think there was smoke still coming out of his ears.

Once again Laser and I were the only one's tipping the dealers at that table. The dealers were especially attentive, setting the dice for us and reminding us of bets and presses. The suit comp our late evening snack and we jump boat. We didn't even have to swim ashore. We ice skated back to the car. Temperature -4.


Here We Go Again, Another Saturday Night at the Boat January,2007

Here we go again, doing just what everybody tells us not to do. That's going to the Boat on Saturday night at prime time, 8 P.M.

Laser and I Haven't hooked up since before Xmas and wanted to get in some action on the tables we will be playing on in the up coming Crap Tournament.

The Barge is packed and there are only two $10 tables open. We decided to go down and cruise the tables and wait for an opening. The Crap Gods must have returned from their coffee break because as we were approaching the second table, SL1 and SL2 open up. We jump in with a quick $300 buy in.

Surveying the table at first was discouraging. Not many chips in the racks and everybody very quite. Boy, were we in for a surprise. Laser says, "Cheer up Charlie; we never lose on Saturday night".

As we normally do, when just arriving at a table, we watched a young fellow in his early twenties come out. No bets. He tosses 7, 7, 11, and 10 for the point. I told Laser to watch what he was setting. Two rolls later he makes the 10. Laser says lets get on the band wagon. The young guy was using the X6's with the two, three up front on every roll. He had a beautiful soft toss.

We made our move on the PL with double odds and covered the inside numbers. Twenty minutes the kid kept making numbers. The sad part was that he only bet the PL with double odds.

His buddy got the dice next and low and behold, he was just as good. Set the dice (X6's) the same and had the same beautiful toss. After one toss, we cover inside again and made one unit presses on each hit. He held the dice a good fifteen minutes.

The dice pass over to a third member of that youth group. Would you believe it! They must have been triplets and cut from the same mold. Youth number three has the same toss and uses the same (X6's) set. He also had a fifteen minute run.

At this point a big lug of a guy was larking behind kid #3 and as soon as he seven-out, jump in next the kid to get the dice next. I said to the stick girl, where did he come from? She said I saw that and then said something to the boxman. He shrugged his shoulders and they let him shoot.

Laser and I decided to stay off the big lug. What he did, bugged us. He was rewarded his justice real quick. He went 3, point 4 and 7-out. No chips lost on him.

The next shooter was a little guy who could hardly reach over the rail to make his bets or reach the dice. We were a little worried about him, but not for long. He was at SR2. He had a nice soft lob that hardly ever hit the back wall. No heat! But he did not set the dice! What was funny was twenty minutes into his roll he disappeared. Seems he had to go to the bathroom. What a night!

At this point I remarked to Laser, we have been here over one hour and a half and have not seen the dice. Laser says, "I'm up over $500, how you doing"? I remarked that we have our work cut out if we want hold up our end.

Meanwhile the guy at SR! had taken over for the little guy going potty. I couldn't see what he was setting, but he was using the bowler grip and underhand toss.
He made a lot of numbers in his fifteen minutes plus.

Finally I got the dice! It was show time! What would the Captain do? Remember! Two games in one. I bet a $4 horn and doubling on the3 and 11, $10 PL. For all my come outs I used my 5-6 set ( 5,6 on top and 6-5 front). The result; 3, 7, 11, 2, 6 for the point. Made several passes including back to back ten's. Twenty minutes seem to be the norm when big red showed.

Now it was Laser’s turn. I knew he was going to go hardway crazy. He didn't disappoint us. It was a good hardway table and they were turning up all over. I usually never play the hardways except on special occasions and this was one of them. Another twenty minute roll on the board. What a boat ride and we haven't even gotten around the table with the dice.

The next four shooters were couples. The two girls made at lest two passes and some numbers. We made money on them. Strangely the two fellows passed the dice. They were newbee's and were asking Laser a lot of questions.

Two older fellows rounded out the table. They both set the dice, using the stacked grip. They did alright but seem to have trouble with consistency, shooting from the hook next to the dealer.

That ended the first round and you couldn't ask for a better group to shoot with.

The second round was an image of the first round. The Craps Gods must have been right under our table. The only difference was Laser decided it was show time again. He went into the zone and didn't come out for over forty five minutes. At one point he parlayed a hardway bet for the crew that resulted in a $90 win.
The newbie’s asked why we were putting white chips along side our PL bets. Next thing you know they were doing the same thing. The crew made out big time.

Before Laser went into the zone, we had decided to pack it in after his roll. The only sour note of the boat ride was when one of the pit creatures announced that the table will now be $15. We were in the process of coloring out when he said it.

Weather the raise to $15 was intentional, I don't know. Why do it at 11P.M.? After we cashed in, we notice that there were only six people left at our table.

While we were coloring out, the boxman thanked everybody for the tips and especially pointed at Laser and myself. What a boat ride!


Saturday Night at the Boat - The Great Chip Spill March, 2007

It could only happen on a crazy Saturday night at the Boat. Let me start from the beginning.

Saturday morning, on the golf course, Lazer says lets hit the Majestic Star tonight. Target calls in the afternoon and has the same Idea. It has been six weeks since the crew have been together for a Saturday night roll.

The tables at MS-1 were crowded so we went next store to MS-2 and found Target at SL2 at a $5 table. Some of the players recognized us and made room. The guy at SR1 was about to get the dice when he up and left. The stick asks me if I wanted to shoot before I even got my chips. This was great. Walk up to the table and they hand you the dice.

I threw the big red after about six tosses. Target wormed or charmed his way into SL1 and did the same thing. Laser (at SL2) also bombed on his first turn. We were all down about $150 by the time the dice got back to me.

Target had a profound look on his face and I told him to relax, were just getting warmed up. I got things rolling with a thirty minute run. Target batted next and was twenty minutes into his roll when it happened. The chip fill. The floor Manager was putting six trays of red chips done on the table when he dropped the whole batch of chips on the table wiping out all the bets on the 8, 9 and 10. The Suit, boxman, stick and dealer were all thumbs trying to re-stack everything.

In the process they knocked down more stacks of chips wiping out the 4 and 5 place bets. It really was comical. It took fifteen minutes to clear up the mess.

The three of us turned our bets off for Target's first roll after the spill. I told Target to keep focused and just get past that next roll. He threw a five and we turned on all our bets and he rolled for another fifteen minutes.

The suit was very apologetic and was yelling “yo-eleven” on Target's first roll after the chip spill.

We were not done. Laser proved why he is on the team with a twenty-five minute roll of his own. The Crew was back. We had three great hands in a row. We colored up, collected our $30 pizza comp and headed for shore.

Was the spill intentional? I don’t think so. There was too much panic in the crew to get things back to normal with the right bets in the right place. It makes you wonder though.

It might make for a good chapter in book 4. "THE GREAT CHIP SPILL."


Saturday Night at the Boat, Foggy April 21, 2008

On the way to the Boat Saturday night, Laser910 and I noticed fog banks over the Calumet River and lake. I remarked that we could have a problem coming home. Laser remarked that we had enough problems watching for pot holes let alone fog.

When we got to Majestic Star II, we found a parking spot over looking Lake Michigan but it wasn’t there. We couldn’t see the lake because of the fog. I said maybe that will cut down on the crowd tonight. The place was packed. Don’t tell me there is a recession or the economy is bad! Not with all these people driving their high priced gas eating cars to the boat every night, eating, drinking and gambling like there’s no tomorrow.

Once we maneuvered our way to the craps pit, we found a $15 table (12’) with our spots open and only two other players there. The $10 tables were overflowing so we settled in on the $15 table. The dice was coming around fast and we were able to do a lot of shooting. This turned out to be a disadvantage over the long haul. Clubsodakenny checked in and we squeezed him into the flow that was going down hill fast. Clubsoda just missed Laser’s opening hand when he went on a seven binge and threw in an eleven for good measure.

Playing at a $15 table with two other DI’s and one Randy passing the Dice, it seemed like we had the dice all the time. It was hazardous to our bankroll when you figure your playing a $15 PL with single odds, a $6 C&E and a $5 “fire bet” and then placing a $18 six and eight and don’t forget $1 line bet for the crew. That’s $60 or $78 in the game on each DI. It doesn’t take many point sevens to demoralize you. We had plenty of them and felt we were spinning our wheels. I suggested we forget about the “fire bet” and see if we can find our way over to Resorts boat.

The five minute ride took a little longer with the fog. The parking garage was jammed. We ended up parking on the exit ramp and still no lake. The fog reminded me of that movie, “The Fog”. If I see any pirates, I’m out of there. Again the casino was packed. Must be the good economy, the way people were tossing their money around. We had a little trouble finding the craps tables. I don’t know what they got against craps player, or why they moved the tables to the back of the bus. Again the $10 tables were two deep. Laser found a spot at a $15 table and moved in

I stood around to the side of the stick watching this gentleman who was setting the V-3 and into a nice run. A friendly suit saw me and asked the fellow with the dice if I could squeeze in there next to the stick. Before he could answer I said I would wait until he finishes the hand so as not to jinx him. I figure he would cash out because his rack was over flowing. He made another point and a couple numbers later he seven-out.

He colored up for $1,018 and left. I knew what was going to happen next, after a long run like that. There was going to plenty of point sevens for awhile. Eight, to be exact. We were down about four gas tank fill-ups and things were getting worse. For as much as we had the dice, we were stinking up the place.

Laser said he was cashing his pennies in and would get us a Sports bar comp. Clubsoda was talking about jumping off the back of the boat. I said I was going “all in” with my remaining chips.

I threw three craps on the come out. I didn’t press. Clubsoda says you’re making $3 a throw. I then threw an eleven. That put $42 more dollars in the till. By now Laser was back and saw what was happening. I said you better get on me; we need fog money to get home. Laser jumps on the hard six. That was the point and I made it hard. Clubsoda changed his mind about jumping off the back of the boat and was fumbling in his pocket for more money. I told him, don’t do it. Don’t chase your money, it’s too late. I made enough six and eights to ease the pain. I seven-out three times but got the dice back because nobody else was at the table. I got $200 of my $400 buy-in back and was ready for the sports bar.

If Laser and Clubsoda had known I’d switched to the pincer grip and was using the Hardway set for the point during that all-in roll, they would have thrown me of the boat.

Don’t ask me how we got home, because we couldn’t see anything with the fog. We didn’t see any pirates either.


Saturday Night at the Boat Tornado June 8, 2008

Saturday morning at the golf course, Laser910 says you know what tonight is. I said we better go to the Boat and check on the economy. It has been five weeks since we were there and we both had the itch in spite of all the tornados around us. I said it shouldn’t be crowded with the Belmont race at 5:30 pm, the sox at home and tornado warnings all around us.

Oh how wrong I was. The sky was blacker than soot and the black clouds were going right towards our destination. Half way there we got hit with heavy rain and had the windshield wipers working overtime. We chased the tornado clouds out into the lake and found a parking spot in an area of the parking garage I never saw before. Laser says, “Too many cars, it’s going to be over crowded.”

Once inside it was a mass of humanity. All the slot machines were occupied with people waiting to for one to open up. The blackjack tables were packed with people waiting for a seat. We bump our way to the back of the boat where they had moved the Craps pit. Only three of the four tables were open. They had two twelve footers and one fourteen footer in play. All were $10Minimum tables.

The surprising thing was the two ten footers were half empty and one of them had both our spots available. While buying in I noticed the guy at SR2 was about to get the dice. I barely got my chips and he passes the dice. This is great. Walked up to the table and get the dice! I showed my appreciation by going point seven and out. Laser responded the same way. In fact, nobody made a point in the first forty minutes. The dice were coming around fast with three bothers passing the dice.

We had two “Don’t” players, one at the dealer hook and the other at SO. Laser said that the one at SO remarked, “Not those guys again,” to no one in general. The next three times I had the dice, I made a point and then seven-out. Laser was struggling with his toss but then he made two quick points and Mr. SO was unhappy. When I got the dice again I noticed that Mr. SO was loading up on the “Don’t” with $100 chips. Laser says, “Its show time, Charlie’s got that look in his eye.” No C&E bet this time. I set for the seven and threw it. Mr. SO loses his DP bet. I throw a ten for the point. Mr. SO is now is up on the DC ten. Two tosses later I make the ten. Mr. SO loses more of those $100 chips. Mr. SO stays off my next come out and I throw a three. Then I get five for the point and seven-out. Mr. SO colors up and leaves.

We never could get any sustained drives going. Laser decided to try the other twelve foot table, as his spot was open. He wasn’t there long and decided to supplement his income on a five cent slot machine. I didn’t want to leave the table we were on. I liked the way that my tosses were coming off the back wall and I thought conditions were good. When Laser left I even tried shooting from SL1. I was having a hard time getting past eight tosses. Most were six or less.

When shooting from SR1, this one healthy well stacked stick gal was blocking my view. When I moved to SL1 and got the dice, she was leaning way out with her fishing pole. I thought I would scare her a little, but instead my backhand follow through hit her stick into her forehead. The dealer suggested they get her a hard hat. However she did move back when I had the dice.

Another interesting occurrence was when a randy threw the dice and they only made it to the proposition area. That was a good six feet short of the back wall. The stick guy announced, “Six on a shorty.” Nothing else was said.

If the economy is in such bad shape, where are all these gamblers getting the money to play with? I will say this. There is a lot of standing around at the tables.

The craps area is set up so it can be run by one suit. We had to ask the box person to find us a suit to get our comps. It ended up a non-profit Saturday Night at the boat. We both agree that we were suffering from lack of practice. The five week layoff showed.


Saturday Night at the Boat – New Digs July 7, 2008

It had been a month now since we had been to the Boat. Sitting on the first tee, Laser910 says, “You feel like going to the Boat tonight? After all it’s Saturday night.” I remarked that it was time to check out what Ameristar has done since taking over from Resorts.

Laser910 says. “I’ll pick you up around 6 p.m. and we will see if we can make enough money to pay for the gas. On the way there, Laser gets a call from his son Radar. Radar tells Laser to bet the five and nines. He said he had a feeling that the five and nines were going to be hot.

We find a good parking spot and Laser says that’s a good sign. Once in side we could see the changes they were making. New walls going up and the relocation of the table games made a lot of sense. You now had room to get to the cashier cage without bumping into the crap shooters. The crap pit was moved to the rear of the room but allowed more space for the players at the tables.

There are four tables, two 14 footers and two 12 footers. All have new felt layouts with a nice area for keeping track of the Hoping Sevens bet. No Fire bet! There was two $10 and two $15 tables and all were in play. 100xodds.

There were openings at all four tables. We circled the tables a couple of times and settled for a 12 footer with a $10 minimum. Laser was at SL1 and I settled for SR2. We noted that some of our favorite dealers were scattered throughout the other tables. I recognized two of the Suits. A big tall dude recognized me from the last time we were there and asked if I was going to shoot the dice tonight. I said I would give it a try.

After buying in, the cat shooting from the dealer hook established five for the point and came right back with a five. He comes out again and gets five for the point and came right back with a five. He throws a nine and then hits his five again. I look at Laser and he looks at me. Now I’m not a believer in a metaphysical plane or physic sensory sixth sense but Radar’s intuition or divine knowledge makes you wonder.

It was time for us to participate in this unusual behavior of the dice being thrown by a random shooter who was setting the V-3 and flinging the dice as hard as he could to the wall. Fifty percent of his throws were bouncing of the table. This went on for a good twenty minutes and got us off to a good start.

The next three shooters had the same problem of keeping the dice on the table. They held the dice for a long time but their results weren’t very good. Most of their time with the dice was spent with the box guy checking the one that flew off the table and they kept saying “same dice.”

When I finally got the dice I kept them low and slow to go. What surprised me was the recoil off the rubber baby bumpers on the back wall. The dice were coming back off the wall to the prop bets area. I tried to dribble the dice into the back wall. They still would bounce weirdly. I finally made three passes and some numbers using a permutation of the V-3 and concentrated on just making a good toss. The dice were going all over the place and I knew I was getting nothing but random results.

Laser was having the same problem and didn’t get going until his last roll. Prior to that he was living off the hard sixes.

The location of the tables are good. The personnel are good. No heat what so ever. The Suits paid no attention to us with one exception. When I was into my one good roll, the female Suit watch one toss and then smiled and walked away. These tables are going to drive a lot of DI’s to drink. It’s a shame because the place is becoming a class act.

After two hours of play, Laser suggested we jump ship with a profit and call it a lucky Saturday night at the Boat. Maybe next time we will listen to Radar’s divine intuition.


Saturday Night at the Boat - They Love Us at the Boat July 14, 2008

Saturday night we arrived at the tables at 8 pm. This particular Boat has four twelve foot tables, all $10. All four tables were open. One table was full and another had four players with SR and SL both open. The third and forth tables were empty. All these choices, what’s a guy suppose to do.

We circled the tables a couple of times and finally decided on the empty table closest to the cashier’s cage with the blond stick gal and the good looking box gal. The emptiness must be due to the Memorial Day weekend.

Laser got the dice first and had a quick seven out. My turn was a little better, getting 17 tosses in. Laser followed with a decent hand and the dice were back in my hand. After a come out three I pressed the C & E to $12 and came right back with an eleven. $84 in the tray and we were off and running. Two come out sevens and finally a point of six. Before making the six I tossed four fours.

Next thing I know, there are six CF's at the table and things slowed down to a crawl. The CF's were coming out of the woodwork or from under the carpet. Trying to catch a hot CF can be very hazardous to your bankroll. We played at that table for two hours and were just about even. We had the only sustained rolls at that table.

Laser suggested we move to the other empty table. Chips in hand we moved. Laser opened with a good roll of fifteen or better. Next thing I know this table is getting full. I mentioned to Laser that the same faces are back at this table. Laser said yeah, they are following us again and they don't have the brains to pass the dice.

During the hour we were at that table, the stick guy related to Laser that the crews like dice setters because they attract people to the tables and they bet more while making the time go faster by keeping them busy. He said we make more points and arrack more betting.

Later one of the other stick guys asked me if I took lessons from GTC. I said no, but I know a couple of losers who did. The stick guy thought that was funny. Here I thought that GTC meant "Great Toss Charlie.”

During the three hour session, I was up a hundred or down a hundred and broke out even. Laser lost a couple chips.

When we left the table everybody turned around to see if we were going to another table. We hit the cashier’s cage and headed towards the parking garage. Laser looked around and said, "Well, they are not following us to the car". I said that we probably lost them when we stopped at the men's room.


Saturday Night at the Boat – Overview August 4, 2008

Clubsodakenny calls and says its time we check out all the boat rehabbing going on at the lake front and cash in some coupons. It has been about a month since Laser910 and I had made the dice scene. This trip we gave Laser the night off to attend to some family business.

With Clubsodakenny at the wheel, we had no trouble finding a place to park at the Majestic Star. It wasn’t crowded and there wasn’t that mass of humanity moving back and forth among the slot machines. The two fourteen foot crap tables were packed. Both were $5 minimum tables. Clubsoda spotted a crap table set off to the side, which I swear was a ten footer. If they put that table into play, we will have to check it out in the future.

It looks like they were making an effort to clean the place up and were moving things around.

We cashed our coupons and headed over to Ameristar. Ameristar was more active than MS and had more renovations in progress. When Harrahs owned it, it was fair but had bouncy tables. Resorts took over and made some improvements and there seemed to be less smoke. We also became adjusted to one of their tables and had many good Saturday nights on it. Ameristar now owns it and has made more improvements. They moved the crap tables to the rear of the boat where there is more room and you are not back up against the cashier’s cage rubbing butts with the winners.

Our positions at the tables were all filled with Randies and our favorite table was a $15 minimum and no openings. We decided to head over to the new Horseshoe.

Clubsoda noted that we were $70 ahead and hadn’t even thrown the dice yet. I said that we would have to test the water at the Horseshoe.

We ended up parking on the sixth floor. The place was packed. Now I knew why our first two stops were lacking the usually big Saturday night crowds. They were all at the Horseshoe. Boy! Is the place big. The casino area is bigger than anything I’ve ever seen in Vegas. I tried comparing it with Wynn, Venetian and others. The Horseshoe is bigger and just as classy.

I remarked to Clubsoda that there were only four crap tables. He said, look again. They are six more over there. They actually had two crap pits. I thought I was in Crap heaven, ten tables. They were all staffed and working. Most of the tables were $10 minimum. There was a $15 and $25 table.

We got position and jumped in a $10 table. A Randy was on a roll and I watched him make a couple points after buying in. How did we know he was going to stay hot? We were the new kids on the block and didn’t want to get caught with our hand in the cookie jar. There were some quick seven-outs and I finally got the dice. I got nine for my point and came right back and made the nine and then went point seven out. It was the only time I got to throw the dice.

It was very noticeable that every one else was throwing the dice off the table but I will reserve any conclusions about the tables till I can play on them more.

The crew was OK but the Box Guy was super. A real friendly person and talked with everybody. It was a boat trip that needs further investigation.

Saturday Night at the Boat #33
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Saturday Night at the Boat, New Horseshoe Revisited August 17, 2008

Laser910 and I arrived on the forth floor of the parking garage around 6:15 pm and found a parking spot not to far from the elevator. Laser910 remarked that this could be a lucky night. The casino was nowhere as crowded as last weekend. There were plenty of people there but the place is so big they were lost in the hugeness of the place.

There were plenty of slot machines available for play (3200). The over 100 table games were pretty much filled up. Their restaurants were just like Vegas, wait in line.

Eventually we found the ten crap tables which were all manned and we settled into a table that had our spots open. It was the same table I played on last week. Next to it was the same reserved table as last week, with one player at it. Our table was a $10 minimum, 12 footer with100Xodds.

The Suits were friendly with one exception when the one Suit fired our player’s cards back across the table. I ended up with Target’s card and he with mine. Target and Clubsodakenny had just joined us at the table and we now had murders row set up with two of us on each side of the stick person.

The table was choppy and according to Clubsoda we were averaging 12 to14 tosses each on our rolls. It wasn’t enough to compensate for the Randies wild tosses. One Randy threw the dice off the table five straight times and then went seven out. All of us were approaching our stop loss figure when Laser and Target decided to hit the video poker machines. Clubsoda and I decided to throw the dice one more time and then take a break.

We where walking around admirering the casino when we spotted Analomyst at a 14 foot table in the second crap pit. He had his book and pen out and was busy at work at SL1. He had a serious amount of chips in front of him and we didn’t want to disturb him while a happy go lucky Randy was having a hot roll from SO. SR1 opened up for about twenty seconds and I hesitated jumping in. You snooze, you lose! I didn’t want to upset the flow of the game with a buy in the middle of the run, which lasted a good twenty-five minutes.

Target and Laser found us watching the action. Now the whole crew was standing behind Analomyst watching the action. Finally there was a break in the action and we all got to meet and shack hands with Analomyst. We told him we were going to get something to eat and try to get back to his table.

After filling our stomachs we decide to go to our home base, Ameristar and try to recoup our losses. We had a short meeting in the washroom, washed our hands and headed to our favorite table ($10, 12 footer). Laser and Clubsoda jumped into their spots, SL1and 2 and Target and I were at SR2 and 3.

The guy next to Target had the dice was having a little run. Target jump in fast to get a bet down on the pass line because he was to get the dice next. I used Target’s move to buy in also. Target and I had mini rolls and then Laser got serious and had the best run of the night. All four of us at one time or another threw come out elevens. We recouped a good part of our previous losses.

It was a relief to get back to a good table crew. The female suit even walked around the table to give us our player’s cards. Again at both boats, we were the only one’s betting for the crew. It paid off on some close calls.

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Saturday Night at the Boat – The Good, Bad and Ugly Aug. 31, 2008

We have got a new route to the Horseshoe Boat that takes twenty-four minutes to travel twelve and a half miles from my front door. That’s good!

Once you get to the parking garage you are faced with the steepest inclines to reach the upper floors to park. That’s bad!

It’s one long walk to the elevator and a longer walk to the Crap area. That’s bad!

I still marvel at the vastness of the place. The various places to eat require you to take an elevator and there seems to be a big wait just to get one. That’s bad!

The cashier’s cage caters to the second and third level player’s card holders. There were seven windows open for the preferred players and only one for us low rollers. I guess I will have to gamble more. That’s bad!

Finally we got to the tables and they were packed with humanity. Ten tables and only two $10 minimums. Two of the ten were reserved for those invisible players. That’s bad!

We went and stood behind SR1 and SL1 at a $10, fourteen footer. Ten minutes later we were in position with seven other Angelo Saxon and three Afro-American voters. Laser got to throw twice and I threw once. Table was ice cold and we couldn’t get enough throwing time to change it. That’s bad! What made it worse was the table crew was inexperienced, slow and couldn’t add. That was ugly!

Laser said he had enough and headed to the poker machines. I agreed and followed him. Video poker took us for a ride and that was ugly. I suggested we go over to Ameristar, seven miles and ten minutes away.

We had no trouble parking and found the casino empty. They only had two of the four crap tables open. Both were $10 and filled with players. Laser headed for the poker machines. I spotted an opening at SL1 and jumped in. The table crew was good and friendly and I knew the suit. By the time I got the dice, the table had emptied and there were only three of us left. All the point sevens cleared everybody out. It got worse. I found myself the only one left.

Played for a half hour on a Saturday night, all by myself. That was good! The results were ugly. I have never thrown so many sevens in my life. I would throw two sevens on the come out, get a point and seven out. No matter what I set on the come out, I would throw two or three sevens and then point seven and out. Boy was it ugly! It was so ugly that the suit gave me a $50 comp for food. I took it and ran.

I found Laser busy recouping some of his loses and said lets go eat our troubles away. I told Laser it must have been those blue dice. Thinking back on it now, playing the hopping sevens might have been the answer.

It was a Saturday night we both would like to forget.

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Saturday Night at the Boat, 2009 January 4, 2009
It had been three weeks since the crew found their way back to the big U on the lake. With the holidays out of the way, it was time to get back in the toss of things. After the beating we took at the “Grand Victim” (Victoria), we wanted to get back to the friendly confines of Lake Michigan’s boats.

As what has become a routine for us, we went looking for trouble. You might say we were testing the water after all the weird stuff that has been reported lately. I guess we just like to do everything the “Hard Way”, playing on a Saturday night at prime time, at 7:30 pm. We thought the place was going to be packed by the way the parking garage was loaded. To our surprise, there were openings at just about all of the nine out ten tables working.

We found Target camp at one of the $10, twelve foot tables playing in my position. Laser910 says let’s jump on the empty table next to the one Target was at. We picked out the table that has been giving us fits the last couple times out. The table is like a magnet. It draws us to it more than any of the other tables. The table crew is the best and the suits are friendly. I was given a chair before I had time to buy in. The table had the Fire Bet and nobody cared about the back wall.

The only comment during the two hours of play was when one of a Randy’s tosses only made it half way down the layout. All that was said by the stick was, “point is six on a shorty.” When ever we are on that table we have a hard time leaving it. Target was struggling and threatening to go home. Laser910 went looking for his check book. I was wondering where $400 went. We finally headed for the video poker machines for a break.

Target donated some more green backs to the casino boat economy and Laser910 was hard at work recouping some of his losses. I went back to the tables and found my spot at the private table open with the dice two players away. I was tossing the dice with confidence all night; running twelve to twenty throws a hand. I was just giving too much back on everybody else. You can lead a crap player to the table but you can’t make him leave it.

I noticed there wasn’t any Fire Bet on this table and ask why. Their answer was they just don’t want it on the reserve tables. My next surprise came when they change to a $15 table and I went to make a $6 C&E bet and was told it had to be a $10 bet. I said OK; make it a $12 C&E. I threw a three for a $36 payoff and pressed up to $24 and threw another three. No elevens all night!

I established ten for the point and put out $10 odds and was told it had to be $15. I played dumb and asked if it was OK to put $20 odds on my $15 PL bet. They said yes. I put another chip on the odds for the crew and shortly made the ten after making a bunch of five six and eights. Every time I made a point the box guy clapped. He kept thanking me for the bets. I told him, I should be thanking you. You people are forcing me to win more money.

It was my best roll of the night and Laser910 get in on the tail end. Target had already jumped ship and missed the boat. CSK you should have been there. It beats painting!

One thing that was of interest was I was purposely setting slow and letting Target and Laser see what I set. The other players at the table were polite and were enjoying the moment. The table crew wasn’t about to say anything and were very appreciative of the tokes.

We stayed for one more roll, colored up and spent the next twenty eight minutes coming home.


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