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Using the Field-Harvest with an Above-the-Radar Win-License

Mad Professor's Not-So-Random Thought for Monday, 4 August 2008
(Reprinted from our message board)


I’ll keep this short, sweet, and to the point.

For the skilled shooter who has a verified edge over the Field; the Field-Harvest can offer all kinds of
win-tolerance latitude that you might not otherwise get in the same casino.

~In high win-tolerance houses, toss-after-toss large-value Field-win lenience is elevated far beyond the standard that high-rollers are usually accorded.

~In low win-tolerance houses, the casual acceptance of Field-specific wins go way beyond the point where the pit-vipers normally start to sweat the higher-buck action.

In essence, the
Table-Adaptive Field-Harvest can give the skilled-shooter a very effective above-the-radar, never-a-hint-of-heat win-license.

The Field-Harvest Offers Hide-in-Plain-Sight ‘Cover’

From my own extensive experience using the
T-A/F-H, I have found that the sawdust grind-joints that normally start to sweat medium-level green-chip Place-bet action; merely view medium-level black-chip Field-action as pure nuttiness on the part of what is obviously (to them), just another degenerate gambler...and they 'know' (they believe) they have absolutely nothing to worry about.

In a carpet-joint that gets mostly run of the mill red, green, and low-black chip-action; the occasional appearance of a high-buck Field-bettor is not that unusual.

It is in these
mid-rung win-tolerance casinos that you can derive an extraordinarily munificent bounty of hand-after-hand-after-hand low to mid-level black-chip Field victories…with nary a whiff of pit-heat...session after session...and month after month.

Their high win-tolerance is chiefly based on the random-outcome fact that most Field
-wins are almost always inexorably offset by Field-losses.

That fact remains true of random-gamblers everywhere.

However, it is in that
ground-clutter of Field-gamblers where the advantage-play T-A/F-H dice-influencer finds the most compellingly simple hide-in-plain-sight ‘cover’.

Pit-dwellers who have been around the game for more than a week or two; know enough not to fear a Field-bet gambler. They understand that a Field-bet win-streak may sometimes occur…just as they know that a Field-bet
loss-streak will take it all back.

That long-held knowledge about the Field-bet is based on the countless times they have seen player after player build up a quick Field-profit…only to see them lose it right back to the house…along with most of their original stake.

In gaming-markets where Field-posse action is the strongest, A-P D-I Field-bettors will find even more ground-cover for their high-buck activities.

Sure, you’ll get a bit of occasional
pit-attention (that is usually accompanied by rolling eyes from the dealers and a not-easily-hidden smirk from the box-man); but that kind of barely concealed disdain is what makes the whole idea of maximal Field-Harvest profit-extraction so incredibly attractive and trouble-free.

For the savvy dice-influencer who has a
validated edge over the Field-bet, my Table-Adaptive Field-Harvest, in effect, becomes the quintessential hide-in-plain-sight above-the-radar win-license.

Good Luck and Good Skill at the Tables…and in Life.

The Mad Professor
Copyright © 2008

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