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Mad Professor’s New Testament Shooting Bible

Stop Gambling…Start Winning

Most gamblers, and gambling books for that matter, all advise you to bet-it-up when the dice are sizzling hot, and scale things back when the cubes are ice cold (or vice versa for Darkside bettors).

For this discussion, let’s ignore random streaks and indiscriminate trends; we’ll leave them for the gamblers.
We are here to make money, not to gamble.

For now let’s concentrate on the times when we ourselves or other skilled dice-influencers have the dice.

Under those circumstances, traditional wisdom
still highly recommends that we should press up our bets on a hot D-I hand, and scale things back to a minimum until any given D-I hand is adequately qualified as a bona-fide ‘good’ one.

On the surface that looks like good advice. I mean, who here thinks it’s a bad idea to strike while the iron (or the shooter) is hot?

Question Traditional Wisdom

To the shoot-for-the-moon, go-for-the-gusto, grab-for-the-brass-ring gambler that lives inside all of us, that concept seems to make a lot of sense; and since it follows what we've always been told is traditional gambling wisdom, we follow it just as blindly as every other loser…er, uh, I mean every other gambler who has ever thrown a pair of dice...and not surprisingly, we lose just like every other gambler who has ever thrown a pair of dice.

The reasoning goes that if we press things up when we are
on fire, we’ll make enough money to overcome the losses that we expended when things weren’t nearly quite so hot.

Unfortunately when we look at the
big-picture to see where we stand overall (by tallying all of our big pressed-up wins, our big meltdown losses, our small wins, and our small losses); we generally find that we still produce an overall net-loss.

You would think that by following the traditional
press-when-you-are-winning school-of-gambling-thought, that we’d come out way ahead of the game…or at least even a little ahead.

Sadly though, when measured over a reasonable number of
multiple sessions, most press-when-you-are-winning skilled-shooters emerge with a net-loss, or at best, a near-break-even position despite all of their D-I efforts.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Well, by buying into
traditional gambling wisdom, most skilled players completely overlook advantage-play wisdom.

The two are worlds apart…as is their bankroll-related growth.

~One satisfies the gambler in us…at the cost of a steadily deteriorating bankroll despite our generally positive-expectation D-I shooting.

~The other takes most of the gambling out of the casino-gambling equation and replaces it with advantage-focused bankroll-growing wagering.

Though the prospect of steady and stable bankroll growth is there for the taking for practically every skilled dice-influencer out there; scarcely few take it.


Gambling satisfies a primal urge that lives deep within our psyche. The thrill of the gamble more often than not outweighs the joy of the win. So even when a gambler
loses, his urges are still partially satiated. If he manages to pull off a profit-making win, then all the better; but for him the real thrill is in the chase and not the catch.

Why do you think it's so easy to lose back freshly-made winnings?

It's because the gambler in us makes bet-decisions that are subconsciously geared to lose it back.

The main thrust behind this series is to show you a way to take your current shooting abilities, no matter how humble you personally think they are; and
show you the most direct, lowest risk way to turn your D-I skills into real, tangible, and consistently predictable profit.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey of self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-enrichment.

Until next time,

Good Luck and Good Skill at the Tables…and in Life.

The Mad Professor
Copyright © 2008

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