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Where Most See Scary Darkness, a Few Skilled-Shooters See Profitable Light
Dice-influenced Darkside-shooting requires a slightly different mindset than dice-influenced Rightside-shooting does.

While both look to take advantage of your ability to de-randomize the dice, and both seek to have you position your bets in a way that they’ll pay off when your influence is manifested in hoped-for outcomes; the similarity pretty much ends there.

The Rightsider knows that a 7-Out will end the hand, but he is hoping that it will go on for quite some time; while the Darksider hopes to get it over with as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For the most part, Rightside-shooting success comes from holding onto the dice as long as practical and hitting as many winning-bets as often as possible; while Dark-shooting success comes from shooting for one number, and one number only, and ending the hand as quickly as possible.

In many ways, shooting from the D may seem counter-productive or at least counter-intuitive. I mean, for the Rightsider, how better to satisfy your ego than to hang onto the dice for 40, 50, or 60-rolls; while the best-case badge-of-honor for a D-side shooter is to throw a PSO (Point-then-7-Out).

Rightsider’s are taught to fear, dread, and loathe the PSO; while Darksider’s pursue, embrace, and adore it.

Many Rightsiders avoid Darkside-betting due to a deep-seated fear that they’ll somehow be subject to a sort of cosmic retribution for going against the grain and not staying neatly inside the casino’s slaughter-line with all the other Rightside sheep.

Still others are so deeply entrenched with betting-methods that simply don’t work; yet they’re afraid if they abandon those failed methods, that it will suddenly and miraculously start to work…and they’ll miss out on the one thing (profitability) that’s been eluding them for decades at the table.

Knowing that they’ll never change their sub-optimal ways for more than a hand or two; you still can’t help but smile at the folk-like quaintness and child-like innocence of such old-world superstitions and false notions…while also having a little twinge of regret that they’re really missing out on half of the game, yet are none the wiser for it.

While most others see scary darkness on the Don’t Pass side of the dice; there are a few free-thinking dice-influencers whose eyes are open enough to see a bright and profitable light in all that darkness.

Skillful Shooters are No Strangers to Motown
Though it’s no longer the “murder capital of the
U.S. ” (having lost that unwelcome title to New Orleans and Washington, DC quite a while back…and now being given stiff competition by Houston, L.A. and Albuquerque in the consolation-prize runner-up position); Detroit does have a handful of modestly skilled dice-influencers who choose to use their shooting abilities on the Darkside of the dice instead of taking refuge on the conventional Rightside.

While the de-randomizing accomplishments of the top four shooters in the group I told you about in Part One of this series are actually quite modest (equating to an average Rightside SRR of just 6.8 if they shot from there); it is the consistency of their D-side shooting that gives their D-I efforts the per-hand profitability that most Rightsiders only fantasize about.

That is, if you equate what they earn on the Darkside from an average SRR of 5.27; you’d be looking at having to produce some fairly long R-side hands in order to generate the same level of revenue from an R-side SRR equivalent of only 6.8.

I hope you can see the difficulty in doing that.

With a Rightside shooting-skill of SRR-6.8, you would encounter an incredibly frustrating array of back-and-forth volatility that would likely have you convinced that your skills aren’t nearly as good in reality as they are on paper.

That is, the extreme volatility that accompanies most sub-SRR-7.5 R-side shooting could conceivably convince you that you have little to no-skill at all, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

However from the Darkside, a shooting-skill of SRR-5.27 (the D-side equivalent to SRR-6.8) is not only exploitable and downright impressive; but it is also much less volatile than its Rightside counterpart.

In other words, what seems like modest skill on the Rightside, equates to pretty darn great skill on the Darkside.

It may seem unfair, but it’s true.

When you are only shooting for one number on the D-side, and that one number is already the most dominant dice-outcome even without any positive influence on your part; then the job of being able to mildly influence it just a bit and make all kinds of money from it, becomes all the more easier.

That is something this particular loosely-organized group of
Detroit shooters happened upon a while back.

Winning…By the Numbers
Here’s a chart which shows each shooter’s C-O Loss Ratio compared to random, their Point-Cycle SRR-rate, their respective Point-Repeater ratio, and of course the average per-hand Net-Profit generated by my betting $50 on the Don’t Pass and then backing it with 6x-Odds once their anti-Point is established.

I also keep track of each of their C-O Win-Ratios; and in addition to their point-cycle average-duration SRR-rate, I also quantify their respective roll-duration Mode (most likely to occur) and roll-duration Median (middle point between shortest and longest); but I didn’t include any of those three metrics here.

In honor of their Greek heritage, I’ve used Hellenic alpha-markers instead of their name



Loss Ratio

(random is 22.2%)



(random is 40%)


(per hand over 50 most recent hands)


























Eight years ago, if you had said, “Hey Mad Professor, you can make more money by having a skilled group of guys shoot from the Darkside than you can with the same skill from the Rightside, and all you have to do is make the same bet each and every time they shoot…no variation…no negative-progression…no chasing…just simple DP w/Odds wagers…hand after hand after hand”; I would have had a very hard time believing it.

These days, I’m not only a believer and a strong proponent; I’m also a card-carrying member of Motown’s D-side congregation.

Good Luck and Good Skill at the Tables…and in Life.

The Mad Professor

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