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Investor-Backed Team Play Part - 5

A slight detour. SuperRick interjected an alternative approach to investor-backed team-play, with his own “Playing for Tips” approach.

Look guys for the most part, team play or having some investor, will not work as most, know you will not be on all the time, and the Investor, for the most part needs to play at the house you want to play at.

They think that they are supplying the money, and you need to be at their beckon call. If you lose bad thing can happen, as my wife told me, just think back in time at some of the things you have seen happen when people have lost big money.

It would be hell If you ended up with a broken hand or arm. All that you worked for, would be out the window, you might never be able to shoot again right! If you must shoot for some high roller, and you think you can make money you might, have them get a private table, that you can play on at your level of play.

They can bet what ever they want to bet, If you can roll hardways, they might put you up on them when you are hitting them. Hard 8 for me and the shooter works great.

You might tell them look, I make all out side numbers, and after I hit one for you twice and you have been paid off, I get a bet at what ever my rate of play have been on the same bet.

They could be betting hundreds or thousands, and you could be betting what ever you are comfortable at. You need to get them to understand.


 If you say outside numbers that Is what you mean. I tell players that I play with, bet on what I am betting on, I will not be making 6 & 8s, so don't bet on them.


I have the under standing that when I am making them for the most part my shooting is off, and I am trying to fix my shot, as I play!

The player that has all the big money and the private table, needs to let you pick the shooters that will be on the table, and a deal could be cut that if they make a profit you get a % of the win, but most of your win should come from them paying off on the hardways and after you hit a point more than two times.

There are all kind of plans that you could come up with, but for me, I would just like to see a highroller toss me some of their winnings. If they buy in for 10 grand and they make twenty or thirty grand they should know what to toss you way.

If they don't toss the money you think is right, then the next time they want you to shoot just laugh at them, when they make the call to you.


As I tell anyone that is not a friend of mine, there is no free ride, If you want me to play for you then I need to get something out of It.

If you catch me on a table and you make money off my rolls good for you, but If you think that I will go out of my way to play at your table you want me to play on, because you know that I can shoot, that is not going to happen.


If I invite you to play, I could care less about what you made, but I have had friends after a big roll, toss some of their chips my way, as a way of saying thanks for the invite!

There are only a few players that ever get the calls from me, when I tell them to be at a table at a certain time before me, because I want to shoot at SR or SL, I expect them to be there, before I get there. I know the shooters that I can count on, and I expect them to be able to shoot, and not pass the dice saying they have been off.

I don't play team play, but do like to see one or two good shooter on any table that I play on. I get a kick out of players that want you to come to were they play at, and take you out of your comfort zone, and don't even say thanks after you made them big money. It only happens once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Always remember that when someone loses big money even If they are suppose to be your friend , bad things can happen.


That is why I like to play with my money on the line, around high rollers, and if that high roller that just made big money off you, comes to a table and never did thank you for your ability to shoot.

The next time they show up at your table, It's time to walk away from that table............ Super Rick Rick, Playing for hoped-for tips is a lot different than someone staking your actual play for say a 50% share of the profit.


I do understand your apprehension and your wife's fear; and perhaps I didn't emphasize the need to carefully screen investor-backers. To my way of thinking, the fear-factor should be held by them and not you, insofar as what you would do to them if they perchance tried to short-change you on the profit-split.

That is, they have to be the ones who afear the likelihood that you'll leave them in the exact spot where you find them if they try to rip you off...and not the other way around in terms of an errant sub-par performance.


 I do agree however that it does take a totally different constitutional-makeup and mindset to shoot as a for-hire mercenary than it does to shoot strictly for yourself.

For some players however, that also means the difference between staying in the earnings snack-bracket that they are currently mired in, versus being able to break out of it and into a much higher revenue-bracket much sooner.


In other words, some skilled-but-modestly-bankrolled players use that approach in order to quickly climb the bet-threshold ladder so that they can regain total independence and not have to rely on backers or hope for tips.

It's like working for yourself versus working for someone else; but in this case it's working (shooting) for someone else in the short-term, in order to earn enough so that you never have to shoot for anyone else ever again in the mid to long-term.

Again though, I do agree with you, that it isn't for everyone. However hoping for tips for your outstanding shooting is fine, but I think for the most part that you'll receive far more disappointment than you'll ever receive in what you consider to be adequate compensation. On the other hand, if you keep the expectation-bar low enough, then you may sometimes end up with what you think is fair.

Until then,

Good Luck and Good Skill at the Tables…and in Life. T

he Mad Professor
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