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Capture and Ingrain Winning MOVEMENTS to Generate Even More Winning Moments

I want you to think about your most recent "Big Hand" mega-roll. I bet you can remember some of the press moves that you made on a couple of your wagers...I bet you can remember all of the high-fives or chest-bumps or back-patting or applause and congratulations you received. Hell, I bet you can recall the wideness of your smiles and those of the players around you; and I'll bet you can recall, almost to the dollar, how much money you made on that hand.

But here's what I want to know:

~Do you recall the exact way that the dice felt in your hand?

~Do you remember the precise spot on the table you were targetting the dice during that hand?

~Do you fully recall the arm-speed, release-point, and trajectory of those mega-hand tosses?

To my mind, capturing and ingraining your precise
physical MOVEMENTS that went into those big wins; avails you to reproducing them again and again during subsequent sessions.

There's absolutely no need to try to further embed the memories of the mental euphoria and good feelings that always accompany big hands; your brain will do that
automatically and you'll be able to instantly recall all of that as often as needed when you regale your friends with stories of the big one that you actually caught.

Instead, I’m talking about mentally capturing your exact physical
actions and mentally embedding those specific performance behaviours when you were throwing nearly-perfectly.

By memorizing exactly how your fingers feel on the dice as you set your grip…the precise grip-pressure that you evenly exert on both cubes and how you monitor any pressure-variance to make sure it is even…how your feet and torso are oriented to the table and to the backwall...the exact position of your wrist in relation to the angle of the dice as you initiate your launch…how you are targeting and focusing on your landing-zone…and the precise feel of your follow-thru arm-extension; are the things that allow you to
accurately REPLICATE those bet-winning MOVEMENTS during subsequent sessions.

By committing those
ultra-specific toss-characteristics to memory in an accurate and specifically objective way; you teach yourself how to re-create them almost at will.

Now admittedly, most D-I’s get caught up in the moment and bask in the warm glow of feeling 10-feet tall and bullet-proof during those headline-grabbing hands; yet they don’t take precise note of exactly
HOW they are actually doing it. I mean, sure, they have a general sense that they are gripping the dice correctly and releasing them as they are supposed to be thrown; yet they spend more of their mental energy capturing the feeling of winning as opposed to capturing and permanently embedding precisely HOW to do it over and over again during subsequent sessions.

It’s fine to enjoy the moment of course, that’s human nature; but it’s even more important to carefully
define and mentally ingrain HOW it is you are doing it. By embedding those precise toss-mechanic memories; you give yourself a clear-cut easy-to-follow, easy-to-repeat recipe for repetitive exactitude during subsequent hands and sessions.

Meticulous embedding of those memories are much more important than basking in the glory of the actual moment. Besides, like I said; your brain will automatically embed those feel-good moments for future recall; but it is up to you to embed each and every one of the actual physical actions that went into producing them.

Also, don’t go thinking that you’ll be able to recall them as soon as the hand is over. You may retain some of those physical-action memories, but they will lack the raw visceral accuracy of doing them
in-the-moment (as they are actually happening) instead of attempting to do it after-the-fact.

However, to that last point, I will say that it’s
still a good idea to do a short practice-session AFTER a particularly outstanding hand. That way, some of the physical memories will still be fresh in your mind, and you are more likely to further ingrain those attributes than if you merely hope to remember them clearly during your next session (which may be some time off in the future).

Simply stated,
capturing and ingraining winning MOVEMENTS will help you produce many, many more winning MOMENTS.

As always,

Good Luck and Good Skill at the Tables…and in Life.

The Mad Professor
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