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Things That Go Bump in the Night

Going by what is being posted lately, we have a lot of things to think about that some times cause us nightmares.


Things That Go Bump In the Night… December, 2008

They are the small bumps in the road that the casinos throw in our path to slow us down while they tell us to speed up play with only one or two players at the table. The “Grand Victim” casino boat in Elgin even goes one step further by posting a request that nobody should set the dice. This is one bump in the road that can be fixed by simply not playing there. There are better boats in the pond that are bigger, cleaner and intelligent people running them.

Saturday night at the boat brought out some of the every night nuisances we have to contend with. A randy was placing a late bet, down on the hook, at the other end of the table while Laser910 was having a nice run. Laser nails him on the knuckles and sevens out. Laser goes ballistic and wants to go and punch him out. It took a little while to calm him down. I told laser if the guy puts his elbows on the rail again, I will nail him with a fast ball. Later on the guy has a nice roll and Laser goes over and tells him he made up for getting in the way of the dice.

We had been playing at a $10 table for a couple of hours and then they change it to $15. The next four shooters had to be reminded it was now a $15 game. Now it was my turn to goof up. I asked for a $6 C&E. Wrong! The stick says it has to be a $10 C&E at a $15 table. I said make it $12 and then threw two three’s before establishing five for my point. I put $18 on the six and eight and want to balance it out with $10 PL odds. Wrong again! The stick says you have to put at least $15 odds on a $15 table. I put out $20 to get the proper payout.

Things were rolling right along and I had the Iron Cross set up and was into a good roll. The dealer, stick and box never missed reminding me to bet the C&E or renew my six and eight when I made one of them as the point. Two things they never did were to remind me to take my PL odds or replace my Field bet when I lost it to the 5, 6, and 8.

During the roll the stick slid the dice over to me with the seven on top. We both stood there looking at the dice. The stick got very apologetic and flipped them over to the point. I told him I wasn’t superstitious; just give me the dice with the point on top. He did!

During play I asked why they didn’t have the Fire bet on this table. The box person said that these two tables were reserved for high rollers and they didn’t want it for them. Doesn’t make since to me! The whales usually go for the dumb bets.

Where did my favorite bet, the Big 6 and 8 go? Only idiots would make that bet. Now how am I going to be able to tell who the idiots at the table are? Now they have this under over seven gimmicks that I never saw get any action.

Final bump in the night: Not being a proposition player outside of playing the game within a game (C&E bet on the come out only), I wonder what you have to bet on the other prop bets at a $15 table. How about the Hop bets?


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