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Friday Noon Lesson! Who Goes First?

There is a lesson to be learned at every dice session.

I had only been to the boat once since Spring Fling and was anxious to go when Jswick called to see if I was interested in joining him and Longshot. They also wanted to know if they could warm up on my table before we left.

I agreed and we spent a half hour tuning up our tosses. We arrived at the tables at noon and found only three of the ten tables in play. They had one $5 and two $10 tables loaded with randies .We noticed they were getting a forth table ready to go so we inquired how long before they open up. We were told ten minutes.

Longshot spotted a female suit he knew and went over and exchange hugs. Longshot introduced us to the suit and she asked if we needed any thing. I suggested they reserve out positions while we wash our hands.

When Jswick and I returned, there was a chair on each side of the stick with a towel on the chip rack at our spots.

We settled in and started buying in. I inquired who the first shooter would be. The stick person pointed to Longshot and said he was the first to buy in so he goes first. Longshot says, let Jim shoot first (SR2). The crew went along with this.

We learned something new already. When a new table is opening up, the first person to throw the dice is the first person to buy in. Longshot remembered how long we had to wait for the dice to come around in the past. The table was filling up and at lest we will now have the first three turns with the dice.

The first go around was make a few numbers, the point and seven-out. The second round was my best with the dice. I had the Iron Cross set up and held the dice 25 minutes. The third round Jswick got hot and went on a six and eight binge and made a point four for good measure. The forth round Longshot took over and threw a lot of numbers which had Jswick and me on the field bet. The fifth round was a bummer. We all went point seven-out.

Looking back at our loss we made the same old mistake we always make. We bet on too many random rollers. We got too comfortable at that table with the super table crew we had. We had the opportunity to get away with a small win but we stayed and gave it back. We did however have dinner on the house.

A point learned! When starting out at a table about to open, make sure you are the first to buy in. That way you get the dice first..


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